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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Buddhist is Back... And Boy Is He Pissed

Greetings Many Gentle Followers,

I am back from my spontaneous meditation trek of the last two months and having deep thought my way from low in the valley to the heights of the mountain peak, I have now returned renewed, reinvigorated and re-raging with my anger focused like a digital camera employing advanced stabilization technology.

So much has happened. So little has changed.

I have come with solutions and answers for all those so sorely lacking in both.

Today we offer our teaching to the multitudes of morons who say,
"Go ahead, tap my phones and record my conversations with my mother. What do I care? I have nothing to hide." The Angry Buddhist asks, "Oh really?"

Allow me to give you a half dozen reasons why you care right now:

1. Someone you don't like, don't agree with and do not trust will someday be running the government. Is it okay if they listen in and record all you don't have to hide? You Republicans cool if Hillary is in charge? How about John Kerry?

2. The one thing Democrats and Republicans all agree on is that BAD INTELLIGENCE lead to our guard being down on 9-11 and lead to us invading Iraq looking for WMDs. The same people responsible for that BAD INTELLIGENCE are the ones in charge of catching Osama Bin Laden and the surveillance that's wiretapping people today. Maybe that's why they can't tell us about any success they've ever had. Funny how when we win it's a big secret, no? Still think you have no worries?

3. Fraudulent use of personal data is what Identity Theft is a all about. How'd you like your family secrets, medical problems, love life details, and angry words used in arguments available for sale or blackmail? Why not? You've got nothing to hide, right? Nothing that could be twisted or used out of context. Right? Right...

4. Never mind your personal information, what about business conversations? Have nothing to hide when you're talking shop? What about if you have government contracts you're bidding on? Okay by you if they listen in to your process? What do you care, right?

5. Spies on the inside have compromised secret government programs over and over again, usually for money. How safe do you think the secrets you don't worry about would be? How much would you pay for some of them?

6. Current trends throughout government are to outsource as much work to the private sector as possible. You still cool when the wiretapping is being supervised by Halliburton? Diebold? TRW?

Today's lesson is that the government has no business wiretapping you without a warrant.

The laws don't change during pre-emptive war time. If that made any sense then any President could just start a pre-emptive war any time he wanted to avoid following the rules.

But the much bigger lesson is that the willingness to give up your civil and privacy rights because of 9-11 is a cowardly response that only aids the terrorists.

Only people too frightened to think like American adults would believe the whole world changed after 9-11 because it makes no other sense.

Only someone who wasn't alive during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 would have thought that our oceans made us safe. Certainly none of us ducking and covering in grade school thought the oceans would stop those commie missiles. But maybe really stupid people believe that. Or people who have been scammed.

Only people who forgot the entire cold war with thermonuclear missiles targeted at every major city on the face of the planet thought that oceans made us safe and that 9-11 change everything.

Oh, and Gumby. He always believed that

I'll tell you what changed on Sept 11, 2001. That's the day that fear started ruling the United States of America and when citizens started acting like gutless cowards, fearing for their lives at every moment and allowing our values, laws and the blood our fathers spilled to save the world for freedom to be ignored.

These revelations did not come to your Angry Buddhist without first reading the breakthrough teachings on The Daily Kos which then lead to the great writings of Glenn Greenwald

Al Gore too had words worth much thought:
"It is simply an insult to those who came before us and sacrificed so much on our behalf to imply that we have more to be fearful of than they. Yet they faithfully protected our freedoms and now it is up to us to do the same."
My mediation made clear to me that I am not afraid and I will fight terrorists whether they be Al Queda or members of the United States Government.

Stand back cowards, this Angry Buddhist will get the job done where you are too afraid.

Keep On Rockin' In The Free World, Gumby! Slam that Whammy Bar...
Heyya AB, I was wondering what became of you!
Are you ready to kick some serious butt now?
Welcome home.
So glad your back comrade! Have kept checking here for a new post, & alas the great teachings of The Angry Buddhist!
Welcome back--you were missed!
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