IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: November 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Poor Must Die

Bush Declares War on Poverty!

Exclusive interview with the Angry Buddhist reveals bold new plan to enrich America

That's right, gentle readers, your Angry Buddhist has just returned from Crawford, Texas where I once again employed my mastery of the Zen arts to scoop the so called mainstream media and score yet another exclusive interview with the man whose body holds up Karl Rove's brain. The one and only George WMD Bush.

And if you were wondering how he would ever overcome the low poll numbers that resulted from the blowback on Iraq and that whole culture of corruption snafu, then you have once again pre-underestimated the prowess of the powerful. Because the President is going back to basics and tapping into the heart of his base.

Right after we shared some of Laura's homecooked Thanksgiving turkey, George and I retired to the front porch to smoke some fine Cuban cigars.

"Look," he said, blinking away like a white owl, "We have got to do something about the poor in this country. It's just gotten intolerable.
We have got to eliminate poverty wherever it exists."

I could sense where he was headed and nodded accordingly. But as usual he was going someplace else.

"And the best way to eliminate poverty is to flat out eliminate the poor. There's nothing more unAmerican than poor people and we have got to get rid of them."

He poured himself a stiff tumbler of bourbon, took a manly swig, and continued.

"Katrina was a great start and we're killing plenty of poor folks in Iraq too. And not just US citizens either. We're actually killing thousands of poor Iraqis every week. And that's not just by accident," he said. "If we don't kill them over there we'll have to kill them over here. You saw what happened with all those boat people after we didn't do the job in Vietnam, didn't you?"

I double checked my digital recorder to make sure I was getting all this verbatim. The red light glowed bright and the President's nose was starting to take on the same radiance.

"Africa's another success story for us. Nothing but poor people from South Africa all the way up to North Africa. And we've got them dropping like flies thanks to our focus on the rights of the domestic unborn. Those Africans ain't even on the radar screen here."

"And of course we have very high high hopes for the bird flu too. We've already gotten way out in front on that one. We can pretty much quarantine any damn place we want to and then send the military in to run things in the kill - - I mean quarantine - - zones. Karl's pitching it as 'Grand Theft Auto' come to life."

I just had to interrupt him - "But Jesus said -"

"I ain't going to stand for no damn Buddhist telling me what my lord and savior Jesus Christ said about nothing. Us evangelical wrote the damn bible for Christ's sake and it says exactly what we want Jesus to have said."

I decided to take my mother's sage pearl of wisdom and just shut up, listen and learn. The President refilled his glass and made his case.

"Our studies prove that the poor cost way too much. And they don't pay nearly enough in taxes. We could have lots more no new taxes if the poor didn't eat up all that government money - which is really YOUR money. The more poor we get rid of, and the less we give to the poor who manage to survive, the more money we have to reward those who worked hard enough to make huge profits that help boost America's bottom line. What could be fairer than that?"

"The poor don't create any new jobs - they only produce kids - POOR kids. And then those kids cost us ever increasing amounts of money. I call this the 'cycle of poverty' and we have got to break that cycle."

"A whole bunch of us put in a lot of work, HARD work, into turning American into an ownership society and the poor don't own a damn thing. They rent everything! Even their fucking televisions. We're not a renter's society! That works directly against the American Dream. That's why I call the poor 'America's Nightmare.'

"The poor give regular people the creeps - they make you feel guilty, or worse yet worried about your own future. 'What if that happens to me?' some people think when they see poor people - especially those homeless ones. That's part of the nightmare I'm talking about. The poor are ugly, smelly, unsanitary and depressing to be around. You ever see the crappy cars they drive or how shitty their houses look? No wonder the real estate values are so low in poor neighborhoods."

"The poor don't donate to any political campaigns - most of them don't even vote. They're simply not part of the American democratic process - except for always asking everyone for a handout and more benefits. The poor just do not know how to play the political game. All they know how to play is the blame game and they've never even won at that."

"I say, get rid of the poor and you also get rid of abortions, drug use, crime, violence, gambling, gangs and all that rap music."

"Let's face it, the poor have outlived their usefulness. Remember, it says in the bible that we're only as great as the worst among us. So just image how great this nation will be when we eliminate the entire category of the poor and the worst among us is actually among the most elite among us!"

The President was now standing and swaying back and forth as he hugged himself and the bottle of bourbon. I could hear him humming "The Yellow Rose of Texas" with increasing volume.

"I have a dream!" he suddenly yelled out. "A dream of a bright, shining city on a hill! A city with no poor, no homeless and no problems! I may not get to that city with you all... Ah, what the fuck, who am I kidding? Sure I will! It's my destiny! I'll get there, and I'll get there in a Hummer made of solid gold! Hey, speaking of gold, who wants pie? We've got mama Barbara's homemade pumpkin pie and Cool Whip!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Never Mind Your Uterus, Watch Your Wallet

Here's what the New York Times Said

And here's what the Angry Buddhist has to say...

I am in favor of a woman's right to chose. But abortion isn't an issue that comes up in my life. Especially not since the vascetomy.

But this bastard's boot licking of big business - along with that of John Robert's, the new, oh-so-brilliant Chief Justice (as opposed to Chief InJustice or Chief Freedom) - has me really concerned about how it could effect ME. And that's where the rubber really hits the road ain't it? With spinner rims no less.

Abortion is the red herring, the McGuffin. Republicans want you focused on that so you don't notice them slipping in the guy that will do away with the last of the regulations just before the Bush people turn the whole planet into an uglier, smellier version of Bladerunner.

If the Democrats don't have the balls to Filibuster... why even go any further, gentle readers? You know and I know they don't have those balls. If they didn't have the stones to step up and support John Murtha, they won't have them for this.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Moron Terror

Instead of “The War on Terror” why don’t we just soak all the money printed at the US Mint in jet fuel and include a pack of matches with every hundred in currency? Then let’s just launder it all through every known pyromaniac in the FBI data base.

The results would be just as effective, because the value we’re getting for our money in The War on Terror is zero. It’s less than zero, because the War on Terror creates more terrorists than it will ever kill or capture. Isn’t that always the way?

The very idea of a War on Terror is moronic. No wonder so many Americans embrace it.

There have been terrorists and terror since they started recording history. As soon as the first humans had something worth taking - whether it be material possession or peace of mind - other nasty ass humans tried to scare the shit out of them and take away whatever they wanted from them.

Let’s face it, from the dawn of mankind scumbags have tried to ruin things for the rest of us.

Failures like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld try to leverage the fear factor by saying ridiculous crap like “Never before have evil doers wanted to kill all of us and destroy our very way of life.” Oh really? Bullshit. Sure they have. Who the fuck are you kidding?

Answer - nobody.

Wasn’t the entire freaking Cold War about the commies wanting to enslave us all and do away with our religion and our capitalistic society? Yeah, I think it was.

Didn’t they have thousands of nuclear missiles aimed at every one of our cities and military bases? Weren't we just minutes away from having our entire country and perhaps the entire world destroyed? Or was I just dreaming that stuff when I was ducking and covering my ass in school in the 1960s?

Didn’t the nuclear standoff get pretty heated when Reagan was President in the 1980s or was that too long ago to remember? Probably is for guys who were doing line after line of coke back then, right GW?

I’m sorry, but did I miss something about the power and strength of these terrorists we’re at war with today? Are we at that Mutually Assured Destruction level with them yet? No, I didn’t think so. So let’s stop lying and making believe the threat is worse than it is, just so the morons in charge can get away with murder.

9-11 didn’t change anything. Setting off a nuclear bomb in the United States - now that will change things big time. So will another anthrax attack. You remember the last one, don’t you? You know, the one where they never caught nobody?

Gee what other big attack while Bush was President does that remind you of?

Never got caught... Imagine that. Just like the people responsible for 9-11.

The whole damn world knows one thing for sure, don’t we? We all know that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for 9-11. No wonder the President said he was wanted “dead or alive” and that we would “smoke him out and bring him to justice.” What a crock of shit that was.

It’s too bad our world’s greatest military, with their super smart leaders and most advanced and deadly weapons and equipment let Bin Laden get away when they had him trapped at Tora Bora. Then you know what Bush and Cheney decided do right after that?

CUT AND RUN. That's what they call it, isn't it?

That was their strategy in Afghanistan with Bin Laden still on the loose and the country still wide open for war lords. Cut and run out of the country so the opium trade can keep florishing and the Taliban can escape into the mountains.

When you ship the bulk of your troops and their equipment to another country - one where you know for sure no one responsible for 9-11 is - and leave too few troops behind to do the job you promised to do, well that’s just a world class Cut and Run job, ain’t it? Damn right it is.

That’s what cowards do, though isn’t it? First they cut and run when it’s their time to serve - whether it’s cutting and running as far as five deferments will carry your chubby wide ass while the rest of your generation was getting drafted to Vietnam, or being AWOL from the National Guard at the same time and opting out of the war when you were asked if you would serve.

Almost ironic today for the National Guard guys who are serving hitch after hitch in Iraq while they lose their jobs back home and their families just can’t seem to defer those bills. I guess that’s Dan Rather’s fault too, right?

You’re never going to defeat terror. Why not just declare war on evil itself? How about a war against Satan? When does that one start? Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess if we had already begun that one.

The Moron Terror is the biggest threat we face today, for it is the morons who are destroying our American way of life with every move they make.

Where is Osama?

I think reporters need to ask that question every single day at the White House briefing. I think it needs to be asked every single time the President takes any questions anywhere.

Maybe we should all end every e-mail we send to everyone with "Where's Osama?"

And I think it's time we flood the White House with a post card a day each, from every state in the union. Each one reading simply: “WHERE IS OSAMA?”

That’s one way to turn the tide on the Moron Terror.

Monday, November 07, 2005

We're All Just Extras To Arnold

Tomorrow will be a most beautiful day if my fellow Californians follow my lead and vote to help destroy Arnold Schwartenegger's massively unjustified super ego by sending the propositions he has endorsed down in flames. And believe me, even though he'll make believe it doesn't bother him, it's going to piss him off like an old roid rage.

A vote against propositions 73, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78 is six votes against Arnold. Half a dozen votes against putting more power in the hands of the a muscle bound inadequate thinker. And a man with questionable motives and even more dubious methods.

The election of Arnold Schwarzenegger was a giant step backward for California. His celebrity worshipping appeal brought out the worst in our election process, mixing unfocused anger with the uninformed public's desire to "stick it" to the man, to authority and to the system. Voting for a faded, low-brow, action movie star, who speaks and acts in a cartoon manner appealed to the equally faded, low-brow fans of such movies. What a great way to Punk all those bureaucrats in Sacramento who kept us from winning the lottery or driving by ourselves in the carpool lane.

The irony so clearly lost on these gene pool shallow enders is that they are exactly the kind of nameless, faceless "fans" who Arnold has never given a shit about. Arnold doesn't even see them as real people. He never has.

We're all just extras to Arnold, just background people who don't get a credit at the end of the movie, don't have any profit participation and most disdainfully of all, have zero juice to help Arnold in any way. So Arnold doesn't even see us. And if we boo, or hiss or ask a pointed question designed to embarrass Arnold he could give a flying fuck on a rolling donut. He is programmed to just laugh and smile and encourage you with a line like, "I love your passion, you're fantastic!"

Too bad that act has worn thin as the extras all across the state have found their role just as unsatisfying as the extras in Arnold's movies.

And your Angry Buddhist also says, don't buy into the scam that Arnold is a successful businessman, because he isn't. That's just image building bullshit. There is simply no real evidence of that. Buying up California real estate with movie star millions isn't anything special. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby did it over half a century ago and nobody was crazy enough back then to think either one of them should have been Governor.

How come people are so depressingly stupid today?

Part of it is the scam constantly being perpetrated on them. Like pretending that Arnold's intelligence is impossible to deny when you talk to him. That's just not true. That's just something other celebrity types foist on you to validate their own self worth.

I've talked to Arnold. I'm unimpressed with his intelligence. He sounds like a dumber than average actor if you ask me, and that's sinking pretty low with the insults, ain't it? But that's the truth as only your Angry Buddhist will reveal to you. This is a Nazi sound-alike who has never once uttered a single original, or creative thought. He has charisma - if you're unsophisticated enough to fall for it - but he doesn't have the smarts.

It's not as if Arnold ever wrote anything or ever once had an innovative solution to anything. He can barely do more than repeat cliche rote sentences that become his predictable responses to every question.

The proof is in the pudding. Given the platform and the credibility that goes with the office he blitzed his way into he has kept none of his promises to the people, tried nothing new or different, and became the new record setter in the all the categories he criticized the last guy for.

Given the bully pulpit and insane popularity numbers he chose to repeat ad infinitum, movie lines written by screenwriters that never really applied or related to the subject Arnie was supposed to be talking about. Even worse, his impossible to hide core bully boy personality has burst through like an alien through the chest of an outer space dude whenever the stress got to him. Name calling at the pathetic third grade level would be a step up for Arnie who smiled like a moron while he threw down with the "Girly men" wisdom.

A lot of people are simply impressed by an oppressively aggressive personality if it's backed up by big box office receipts in the movies, television or the music. Those people are shallow and worthy of scorn and shunning.

This time the polls say that jerks are down to about 35% statewide, but don't let that fool you. Jerks in California are at record high numbers.

So are people confused by these dumb ass initiatives on the ballot. So I'll break them down for you as only an really furiously angry Buddhist can.

But before I let her rip, stop what you're doing to pay attention to this.

It's time to give this whole initiative process the big dirt nap. They're a fucking waste of time and the whole system - like every single other aspect of politics today has been so co-opted and bitch-ified by money that we should just shit can the whole idea. We get almost exclusively big business and right wing attempts to find new ways to screw us and this year is no exception. So lets get enough signatures soon for an initiative to ban all future propositions.

But until we do, you can get several swings with the big mallet hammer like the one they use at the carnival using Movie Star Arnold's brightly dyed hairdo as your target to ring that bell and win yourself a stuffed shirt. STEP RIGHT UP!

Wants to force scared pregnant teenage girls who have such bad relationships with their parents that Mom and Dad have no clue they're going about to become grandparents, to notify those parents if she's going to have an abortion. If those lousy parents don't know their little girl needs to have an abortion, what place is it for the state government to tell them? Republicans always want to force themselves into a woman's uterus through the government at the state, local and federal level. But the Angry Buddhist says Republicans have fucked up everything they've gotten their hands on in the 21st century so they should just shut the hell up for a few decades.

Makes it harder for teachers to get tenure and makes it easier to fire teachers during their first five years teaching. What a croc of shit this one is. First the Governor screws the schools out of billions promised them then he wants to scapegoat the teachers because they've stood up to his phony acting job and haven't bought into his movie star charisma. It's hard enough to get people to teach in California's pitiful public school system at the crappy pay we give them. But of course it's more important to never have any new taxes than it is for kids to know anything more than how to use cell phones and video games.

Right now, if you're in a California union and you don't want any of your dues money to go to political campaigns you have to opt out. This initiative if passed would make you have to opt in. It's on the ballot because unions in California support Democrats and they don't like the Governor - mostly because he has tried to screw them and diminish their power every way he can. Must have been the terrible job the Screen Actors Guild did getting him a good wage and benefits as an actor. The real big money fucking up California politics comes from corporations and the friends of America's most evil and creepy cult - The Chamber of Commerce. But nobody talks about shareholders having to opt in to include it. A vote against this one is a vote for the people like firemen, cops and EMS pros who are fighting this untalented actor who keeps pretending to be a hero, but has never done anything heroic in his life.

This knuckleheaded initiative would let the governor declare "a fiscal emergency" and then slice and dice any program by any amount he chooses. Giving this kind of power to a low life like Arnold is the moral equivalent of giving Ted Sizemore an 8-ball of coke and the key and alarm code to Heidi's house.

If this initiative passes, governor celebrity boy could undo decisions made by voters previously. School funding, health, police and emergency rooms, among other expenditures, would be at big risk from the man who doesn't really give a shit about the health and welfare of anyone but himself.

This is the one where Arnold wants three retired judges to redraw all the district lines for state Senators and Assembly people. Arnold wants to do that because right now the lines were all written by the Democrats in the time honored gerrymandering manner - which means they're rigged to let the Democrats have the best chance at winning each election. That's just wrong and unfair and I'm against it -- unless it means that Republicans get any advantage or improved chance to get elected. Since Republicans are evil, untrustworthy, selfish, screw-you terrorists, they must be stopped at all costs. Even if it means giving the crooked, but less evil Democrats an unfair advantage. So screw you Republicans! The Angry Buddhist says take ALL the money out of politics. Force them to run only on a small amount of public funding and restrict the campaigning to a three month stretch. THAT's real reform.

This is the scam initiative bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical Mafia to keep you from voting for Proposition 79 which was put on the ballot by consumers trying to get a break on killer prescription prices. All you have to do is take a look at the who's who list of companies that have made obscene profits shoving overpriced pills down our throats to know you have to vote against it just to protect your own interests. What the drug companies are offering in 78 is an insulting pittance. Worse than that, if they wanted to offer crappy discounts that still guarantee them a fortune what the hell do they need a proposition for? They can roll out that program tomorrow.

This one is the one the drug companies are scared shitless of. They've been lying about it and fighting it every step of the way. It would mean they'd have to offer some decent discounts for the people who need them most financially. Your Angry Buddhist is voting YES on this one.

This isn't the perfect solution to the electric energy mess in California but it is a good start to fixing things. This was put on the ballot and is backed by one an activist group the Angry Buddhist greatly admires. Vote yes to piss off the power companies and improve your energy karma.

There isn't a doubt in my mind that none of what Arnold has done has come from his desire to really do some good and help California or Californians.

Out-of-control egos, and movie stars trained in the special rules that exist just for "The King" are the wrong environments for breeding smart, compassionate leaders.

Everyone has met the kind of stuck up, self-centered, attention-demanding, bullies who believe their career success makes them superior to those who haven't been as lucky or as crooked as they were. Everyone has wanted to publicly slap those kind of people down and personally humiliate them. Why? Becasue they have it coming and deserve it.

Tomorrow on election day here in California we get that chance.

Rove Resigns, Mistakes Admitted, Bush Apologizes


The call came on The Angry Buddhist's cell phone during halftime at last night's Lakers vs Nuggets game. As it turned out the caller on the line had the biggest Nugget of the night.

It was my phone buddy, Karl. Karl Rove. He had told the President he wouldn't call any more journalists and leak on them. So he called The Angry Buddhist instead.

As you gentle followers all know - I am not a journalist. I am, as widely acknowledged, the 21st century Jiminy Cricket.

So with a good 12 minutes before the 2nd half, I took the call.

Karl got right to the point. "I'm out. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. And with my finish, the end to the attacks on our President during war time. So I guess you could say I'm taking a bullet for the big guy."

"So you're resigning?" I asked.

"No fucking way," said Karl. "We get no polling boost from that. No, the President is firing me, to show how decisive he is and uncorrupt. I've scripted the whole thing. It's brilliant."

"Then he's going to admit to making mistakes -- just like Reagan did! Everyone says he isn't capable of it, but we're going to show them how wrong they are."

"Then - and this is the tipping point to come - George will apologize to America..."

"Come on, Karl," I scoffed. "Bush is actually going to say 'I'm sorry?' I'm not buying it, it goes against everything he believes."

"Of course not," laughed Karl. "He's going to say, 'I apologize.' He's not sorry about shit - except how the liberal left has attacked him and the values America stands for. It's not about what he believes, it's about what he needs to do at this time."

He put me on speaker phone and I could hear Karl galloping around the room and slapping his own ass over the phone as he cackled like Charles Nelson Reilly on the "Ghost and Mrs. Muir."

"We've already done the post-apology polling!" yelled Karl the Horse. "He gets a 9 point boost before the pundits even get to opine!"

"The thing is," Karl said, getting back on the headset, "We have no choice. The American people will send us straight to hell in the '06 midterms and we'll be playing "Hail to the Chief" for Hillary come January 2009 if we don't pull the trigger on this. We need Karl Rove to be the fall guy and for the President to wave the magic "apology wand" and make this all go away."

The Laker scrubs were dribbling back onto the Staples Center floor for their half time warmups and I told Karl that all sounded great to me and to keep me posted about anything else he had in mind to pull off so I could put it here in the blog. I then hit the "end" button and turned the phone off.

After all, who needs some asshole on United States Airforce approved speed, bugging me during the second half?

So just remember where you read this first, because it's in the bag.
Karl is gone.
Mistakes were made.
The President is sorry.

Nothing has changed.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We Got Him On The Run, Now Let's Smoke Him Out!

Hey Guess What?
America Ain't Buying This Sad Clowns Pathetic Act Any More -

Let's roll the latest numbers:





Don't know

Those are George WMD's latest numbers straight from our pals at CBS.

Your Angry Buddhist has already previsualized more good news to come and it looks something like this:

You remember that toward the end when Nixon's whole criminal enterprise came crashing down on top of him and his cabal Tricky Dicky walked around the West Wing talking to portraits on the wall.

George Bush doesn't know who the people in the pictures on the wall are at the White House so he does a different kind of monolog more suited to his intellect and prowess.

Dirty Harry Kicks Frist's Pampered Ass

Angry Buddhist Wakes Up Democrats Who Bitch Slap Happless GOP

Dirty Harry Makes My Day

Just hours after I called for the United States Senate to be blown up yesterday, that's exactly what happened.

After trying every other tactic against Bush and failing in the last five years Harry Reid and the Democrats finally woke up to the reality of the evil bastards they are fighting.

Apparently calling Reid a "barking poodle with no teeth" set him off as evidenced by the photo above, which also shows Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin's reaction to my casting them in washed up thesbian dinner theatre roles.

From the looks on their faces I'd say they're now ready to start filming "Goodfellas."

Now it's time for them to stay in character and keep beating the hell out of the Republicans. And I hope they use a baseball bat because that is our American passtime and it would be so fitting based on the President's love for the game.

Your Angry Buddhist says fuck being nonpartisan. The Republicans have demonstrated they will only wreck havoc on all true Americans hold dear if they are allowed to continue their radical rampage.

There can be no appeasement with terrorists and today's Republican terror party has killed more Americans and done more damage to our nation than any group led by Osama Bin Forgotten.

Bring on the filibuster! Bring on the nuclear option. I've already got my duct tape so I am ready, baby! I want to see Frist cry like a coward again. Then I want to see him run for President with Tom Delay as his Dick... Cheney that is.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Time To Go To The Mattresses

Rent the apartments, round up the gang from out of town and start boiling the water to cook up some big pots of pasta, because with nomination of Sammy “The Con” Alito from the Jersey/Philly Alito Family it’s time for a fight to the finish. It’s time to snap out of it and either bend over and surrender, or go to the mattresses and kill or be killed.

And if you can’t smell the tomato sauce simmering from here then you’ve had one too many rhinoplasties. This is another stinks-to-high-heaven hit job on behalf of the Republican Regime’s ongoing terror campaign. It is designed to frighten Americans into acquiescence. This is the terrorists' next attempt to steal more of your rights and freedoms.

Bush and his fellow cell members are offering Sammy The Con as his next improvised explosive device under the wheels of justice. You think he’s Taliban when it comes to women’s rights, civil rights and your right to choose? That’s kid stuff compared to what a shameless pimp he is for corporate America.

But Sammy The Con as an IED is also designed for maximum flash bang impact. He is being set off to cause so much noise and attention that the public will be distracted from the quagmire in Iraq, from the Mafia-zation of the White House and from the dismantling of American Democracy and its replacement by the Corporate Monopolcy.

So now it’s put up or shut up time for the professional Democrats in power.

Your Angry Buddhist says don’t get your hopes up. They haven’t shown they have either the courage or the ability to defeat evil – either in their own home or anywhere else in America.

They have failed miserably both in stopping Bush and in voicing a compelling Call to Action against America’s radical religious terrorists and their campaign to destroy everything that is noble or worthy in our country.

Harry Reid is nothing more than a barking poodle with no teeth. Teddy Kennedy? Patrick Lehey? Charles Schumar? John Kerry? Joe Biden? Dick Durbin? They’re like an all star dinner theatre cast of past-their-prime actors who may have the right script, but no longer have the acting chops or charisma to pull it off.

Hillary Clinton? She must have found herself a nice cozy spot in Dick Cheney’s hidden bunker because she is silent and invisible. Hillary is playing the politics of soulless safety. She is staying in the background, keeping her powder dry and saying nothing that she might have to live up to later.

That’s the same worthless stance HRC has taken on Katrina, on the CIA Leak scandal and indictment, on global warming, the price gouging and windfall profits of the oil industry and countless other issues that call for bold, intelligent, courageous and inspiring leadership. But at least she came out against violent video games...

Hillary has been even worse on the Iraq invasion and occupation, strategically staking out her position on the right as a war hawk. Her only problem with Iraq is that we haven’t sent enough troops or spent enough money there yet.

The Angry Buddhist has no use for political animals who are unrelated to anyone outside of business executives, lobbyists, and other professional politicians. What we need now is fighters on behalf of the people. We need warriors who are willing to kill the bad guys. We already know who the real evil doers are.

So bring on the filibuster and let Barbara Boxer lead it because she has more balls, vision and fortitude than every other Senator with the exception of Russ Feingold.

And better yet, come on at us with your nuclear option Senator Frist! Bombs away you lying, thieving, un-American cheater. You’ve got about as much chance of being elected President as Harriet Miers does of being in a MILF video. So by all means get out in front with that and wave your banner so we can see you clearly.

The Angry Buddhist says go ahead and blow up the entire fucking United States Senate because it’s been worth a bucket of warm spit for a long time now. Blow it up, bulldoze the wreckage and lets build something better.

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