IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: October 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Feds Capture & Indict Radical Terror Cell’s Key Lieutenant

America’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Now in G-Man’s Crosshairs

America’s war on terror scored a major victory yesterday with the indictment of a key member of the terrorist’s upper echelon command.

Experts say it is now only a matter of time before the entire organization is toppled and its leaders arrested and jailed. Hoods and dog collars are being made ready.

Your Angry Buddhist has learned that the titular leader of the cell that has relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked the USA’s greatest assets, and paralyzed our citizens with the fear and panic that are the hallmarks of terror, is now the target of federal prosecutors who are closing in for the kill.

With the first of the evil terrorist henchmen caught and indicted yesterday in Washington DC, the Angry Buddhist’s inside-the-beltway sources now reveal that this will be just the first domino to fall. Expect the others to fold like a cheap umbrella over the coming weeks and months.

This evil doer was the best friend and right hand man to the #2 leader of the terrorists – apparently #2 in name only, as many believe he runs the entire illegal operation. The indicted terrorist also worked directly for the #1 terrorist leader as one of his most trusted associates.

So, we done hooked us a big fish. Hoo-ya!

Now while others advocate Abu Gharib torture tactics to break the captured terror officer’s sprit and get him to spill his guts about the next attacks his cohorts have in store for our nation, your Angry Buddhist thinks Scooter “I Just Forgot” Libby should be protected by the Geneva Convention. This is war after all and he is definitely an enemy combatant. So I personally would be against hooking up his tiny little balls to electrodes and pumping some AC/DC through them. Some Areosmith maybe, but AC/DC? Never!

While terrorist sympathizers and strident supporters in sleeper cells embedded across America acted relieved and began their campaign to diminish the significance of this blow against their organization, your Angry Buddhist has learned that the exact opposite is true.

Karl Rove escaped indictment only by the hair of his smooth-as-a baby’s-behind chinny-chin-chin yesterday, but his neck is already in the noose and he’s going down like a chubby beret-head on a budget-balancing President.

You just can’t pass the sniff test with the old “I forgot to remember correctly” defense when you’re absofuckinglutely famous for having a mind like an elephant and never forgetting anything, especially a slight or lack of loyalty to the terrorist cause.

Karl lied and obstructed justice too, in order to cover-up the slime and smear job he and his crew were conducting against Joe Wilson, patriotic American who tried to blow the whistle on the terrorist activities. But that next indictment is still just the bit of this off shore well’s drilling platform.

The Angry Buddhist prophesizes that the Libby trial is going to blow the cover of “I’m-the” Dick Cheney, and with it the truth behind his terror cell’s preemptive infiltration of our government and their campaign to destroy America and what it stands for.

Perhaps the most clever and insidious part of their so far successful operation was the cover story of the “outside” terrorist threat that was claimed to be so scary and dangerous that fighting it overrode all other considerations, laws and values.

The successful “9-11 Changed Everything” terror campaign was brilliant in its hypnotic effectiveness and misdirection. A nationwide frenzy of fear and loathing was whipped up over the 2,752 deaths in New York, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon that day.

Under the cover of the hysteria terrorists infiltrated every nook and cranny of the government. And they immediately began their reign of destruction over the economy, over the quality of the air we breath, the water we drink, the roads we travel and the very lives we live.

Little did anyone realize those deaths would pale in comparison with the tens and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children killed and maimed and the over 2000 young American volunteer military men and women killed in a war that 9-11 made convenient.

The sheer brilliance of “We’ve got to fight them over there in order to keep from having to fight them over here” is that it misdirects the public’s attention overseas to the Wag the Dog war, instead of over here where the real shock and awe is taking place.

Because the war is really just a decoy and only a small part of the secret terror plot against the USA.

Having successfully engaged in regime change through force and subterfuge, they strong-armed their way first to the Presidency in 2000 and then the leaderships of Congress and the Senate.

Clearly their clandestine scheme was designed to defile and discredit the American values of honesty, fair play, justice and democracy. They literally wanted to take a giant dump on our shining city on the hill and make it stinking grotesqueries of ugliness for others to look askance at.

In the most twisted bit of irony, these terrorists went about replacing our previous noble American ideals with the very way of life we fought the cold war to prevent.

PHONY COMMUNIST VALUES – you know, where the oligarchy pretends everything’s even-Steven but instead the game is really rigged for the poor suckers at the bottom to do all the work so the big shots at the top can reap all the rewards…

Phony Commie Values - like attacking and invading other countries just because you want to impose your way of life and type of government on them.

Phony Commie Values – like changing the laws to give the government all kinds of Big Brother powers to keep the people in line.

Phony Commie Values – like making sure pesky reporters don’t tell the truth about wars and turn the people against them like in Vietnam.

Phony Commie Values – like trying to take over the Supreme Court with unqualified toady cronies who will just rule the way the party wants them to.

Phony Commie Values – like having no real opposition party and attacking and destroying anyone who tries to act in opposition.

Phony Commie Values – like the kind that get exposed when there’s a natural disaster like Chernobyl or Katrina…

Phony Commie Values – like when on Friday, on a straight party-line vote, the Republican-run US House of Representatives committee voted to cut food stamps by $844 million on Friday, just hours after a new government report showed more Americans are struggling to put food on the table.

What a sad legacy to good old Ronald Reagan, that the President who claims to be carrying his torch is really nothing more than a traitorous terror leader masquerading as an American.

But fortunately – like with all evil criminal enterprises, all is not going according to plan.

The terrorists, drunk with power, have become their own worst enemies. The Angry Buddhist says they have jumped the shark and they are now beyond sloppy drunk. They’re at the falling down in the gutter and peeing their own pants stage.

What more could you ask for come the holiday season?

Only in recent months have the terrorists slipped and allowed themselves to be openly identified through corruption and misdeeds so blatant that even their sophisticated marketing and sales machines could not overcome the damage they did. Even their infiltration of the main stream media could not keep the truth bottled up and hidden away.

Thus we see terrorist DeLay exposed, booked and fingerprinted.

And then Frist’s criminal cover is blown and Dr. Moneybags lies and greedy deeds to make himself richer is made public.

Suddenly the people are not drinking the Kool Aid any more and the Potemkin Village is being blown over by the winds of angry change.

And so that brings us back to Osama Bin Libby. Karl Yasser Arafat Rove, the Mullah Cheney and Ayatollah Bush himself.

Now that we know who the real terrorists are it should be real easy to tell the truth from the propaganda designed to fool us.

If you’re ever in doubt just tune into the today’s Tokyo Rose, the American Al Jazeera Network, Fox News. They’re the terrorist’s mouthpiece and they stand for the same goals.

Now all we need are Americans strong and powerful enough in number to directly challenge the terror network, stand up to their attacks and overwhelm them with the same Frank Capra values that defeated fascism in the 1940s.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Redefining The Democrats

In this Bush era soon to be known as The Blunder Years, the Democrats have been a failure as an opposition party.

First they caved into Republicans and allowed the 2000 election to be stolen from them after Gore beat Bush by over 500,000 votes. Then instead of responding to “Get Over It” with “Crimes and injustice against our democracy are to be prosecuted, not gotten over!” they went home and licked their wounds. Most of them have been as bad as Bush has the on the Iraq war and terrorism. And they rolled over and played dead while hapless John Kerry was slimed and slandered in the last election.

Today, the best the Democrats have been able to offer as a party is righteous indignation, justifiable criticism, and no backbone, no solutions and no clear enunciation of who they are and what they stand for.

They at least recognize it and they recognize that now is the time that America is waiting to hear from them. So Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are accelerating their release of the Democratic party’s new platform and policy agendas.

You can get a sense of where it’s headed by reading the post from our buddy kos over at The Daily Kos.

While it is light years better than what the Republicans offer, it is still not seizing the moment in ways that will hook Americans like a hit TV series and inspire them to rise up and fulfill our true destiny.

So that makes this the perfect time for The Angry Buddhist to step in and make it as clear to you as it is to me about exactly what the Democrats should be saying and believing. Because, gentle followers, I know exactly what the Democrats destiny must be.

And so do you. Frank Capra taught us all everything we need to know about what the good guys stand for and who the bad guys are over 60 years ago.

In films like “Meet John Doe,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” and “You Can’t Take It With You,” Capra showed us what real American values are.

Each of Capra’s heroes fought against the forces of entrenched greed, each showed integrity in the face of temptation and each was helped by the combined goodwill of the ‘little people,” leading to their victory over the powerful and the privileged.

Capra’s traditional American values are easy to explain, they are easy to understand and their appeal is undeniable as George Bailey’s, Longfellow Deeds’ and Jefferson Smith’s.

Using them as my guide, The Angry Buddhist has put them together here in a little piece of future history I call -

The Declaration of Democracy
Above and beyond everything we stand for the common person, the individual. We believe the human dignity of the common person is the strength of our nation. We believe that there is nothing really common about free individuals, who are each unique people worthy of respect and their fair chance at the American dream.

We stand for a one-person-one vote democracy. We stand for the individual against the big machine, the powerful and the moneyed interests.

We believe that each American is truly equal and that everyone from the richest to the poorest must wait their turn fairly. We believe that the same rules apply to one and all.

We believe that government exists to stand up for the little guy and to provide the services, agencies and help that the profit-driven private sector should not. We believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and

We believe every American regardless of where they live has the right to a peaceful, law-abiding neighborhood. We consider gangs and organized crime terrorists and their actions terrorism and we will respond accordingly.

We pledge to protect the people from criminal harm from within and outside of the United States. We believe that the punishment should fit the crime and that justice should be swift and certain when guilt is assured.

We believe that might does not make right. We reject the role of bully and preemptive military attacks. We believe our military must be used to protect our citizens from harm, respond to any attack and rescue any ally under assault.

We will attack no country who does not attack us first. But if attacked by another sovereign nation we will hold their government and their military responsible and we will seek to immediately destroy them.

We believe that America must always do the right thing even when it is not to our advantage. We must tell the truth even when it makes us look bad. We must always be fair, even when others are not fair with us. We must be generous to those in need even though they might not be generous with us. We recognize that it is our destiny to be the good examples for everyone else. Only by living up to this standard can we be as great as we claim to be.

We believe in neighborly goodwill, that we each have a responsibility to contribute to the greater good of our neighbors and our communities. We believe in the selflessness of community and of belonging to something larger than oneself. We believe that these principles apply equally to our next door neighbors and our country’s foreign neighbors.

We seek first and foremost to live in a free, peaceful world of cooperation and friendship. We believe our country has an obligation to work with the other nations of the world to promote liberty, truth and democracy through the example we set and the help we provide.

We believe that terrorism is another form of organized crime and that terrorists should be fought and defeated by the FBI, the CIA, Special Forces squads and international crime agencies like Interpol. We believe in giving these agencies the tools and resources they need to effectively do this job. We believe that these law enforcement agencies are better equipped and trained for this job than the Army, Air Force, Marines or Navy.

We believe that our dependence on oil as an energy source is harmful to American’s health physically, economically and militarily. We believe it is in our immediate best interest to commit to an all out national effort to develop oil’s renewable, clean replacement. We believe that the jobs created by this effort and by our future discovery will more than pay for our investment.

We believe it is more important to our nation’s future that every American has healthcare, than it is that insurance companies make healthy profits. No one should be denied healthcare because they cannot afford to pay for it and our Federal and state governments should help those who need it.

We believe that poverty, hunger and homelessness are unacceptable and that our nation cannot achieve its true potential so long as these conditions exist across America. Many homeless belong in medical facilities and we will make the room and the budget money available. Other homeless Americans are down on their luck and just need a break and a job and we will offer them both.

We believe that every American who wants a job and is willing to work hard should have the opportunity for employment at a livable wage. We believe that Americans cannot live adequately or with dignity at the current minimum wage and thus it does not qualify as truly “minimum.” We will raise the minimum wage to a point where people can actually live on it.

We believe that it is better for American companies to employ Americans and make a little less profit than to outsource jobs to foreign countries and make more profit as a result. We will tax companies that do so until it becomes economically illogical for them to do so.

We believe that in order to be truly free your private life should remain private unless you are harming others by your actions. We believe the right to individual privacy and freedom of personal expression are integral to being American.

We believe that success in life is measured by the good you do and the friends you make and not by the amount of money you make or the things you own. We reject materialism and rampant consumerism and consider them bad for our nation’s character and soul.

We believe we have a responsibility to conserve and preserve the wild lands, national parks, forests, and other natural places and pass them on to the next generations in better condition than we received them. We believe there are already too few of these places and that they must remain undeveloped and unspoiled for our children and our children’s children.

We believe that it is a crime to pollute the air, land or water or to change the temperature of the earth. We believe that we have a responsibility to repair any damage our actions have had in these areas and that those who have caused the damage and profited by it should pay for the repairs.

We believe that too much money is spent on political campaigns, that money has too much influence in campaigns and in governing, and that this influence is harmful to America and Americans. We pledge to stop taking any and all political campaign contributions over $100. We don’t want your money, we want your vote and your support.
There you have it. Exactly what the Democrats should both say and do. This is what they should stand for and this is what we should expect from an opposition party that truly lives up to its obligation to offer a real alternative to the Republicans.

Granted your Angry Buddhist has only mused and meditated on this document for a day or so and the contributions and directions of others will improve it. But if this were the platform, Americans would recognize these values as the ones the majority of them believe in deep down inside.

There's a reason "It's A Wonderful Life" is such a revered classic and why most people call "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" their favorite movie about politics. It's because Frank Capra's movies were about the very essence of our best American values and virtures. And those values and virtues can still help to bring out our best if we hold them up and make them available again.

And that, gentle followers, is our lesson for today.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Angry Buddhist Solves The Iraq Quagmire

Your Angry Buddhist has seen the future and he likes what he sees.

My recent meditation retreat presented me with a high definition vision of that which will be happening beyond today's scene. The clarity was remarkable.

Your Angry Buddhist sees federal indictments of senior White House officials coming very soon.

He sees the discrediting of the Bush doctrine continuing and he sees the country ready for the solution to the Iraq quagmire.

The solution of course is to tell the truth.

The truth is that the war was a mistake. We were wrong to invade Iraq and occupy it.

The solution consists of admitting the mistake, apologizing for the mistake and then correcting the mistake.

How do we correct the mistake?

We remove our troops from Iraq and we repair the damage we caused.

And yes, it is just that simple.

The idea, as offered by the Bush administration, that we can’t just “cut and run” and that we have to “stay the course” makes no sense at all – especially as the rationale offered by the people responsible for making this mistake. The people whose failed judgments and untruths have now been exposed and who have proved they cannot be trusted.

If the police staged a raid on the wrong address would they refuse to leave once they found they were wrong? No they wouldn’t, even if the occupant was someone they didn’t like and wished they had evidence on.

“Staying the course” only makes sense when you are on the right course.

In fact, only those who take America down the wrong path ever urge us to “Stay the course.” When the course is the correct one, Americans need no direction to stay on it.

The Angry Buddhist will tell you exactly what we should do now:
We should tell the world that George Bush used false intelligence to illegally invade Iraq and convince the American people that Iraq was somehow connected to 9-11.

We should tell the world we now all know he was not telling the truth and that we were wrong to invade Iraq and kill so many thousands of their innocent citizens.

We should admit that we are responsible for the insurgency that has arisen and the terrorists that now call Iraq home. We should announce that we understand that it is our presence there that threatens the future of Iraq and its people.

We should announce our agreement with the United Nations to supply a mostly Arab led military force to provide law and order in Iraq in our absence.

Then we should do what we should have done after 9-11 and that is get back on the trail of the terrorist network that attacked us and bring Osama Bin Laden to justice.

The failure to admit this mistake and correct it can only lead to more dead Americans, more dead Iraqis and a strengthening of the rationale terrorists use to successfully recruit a growing number of others to hate and attack Americans wherever they may be.

Only the least enlightened and simplest of minds believe that admitting and correcting serious mistakes is a sign of weakness or the wrong course to follow.

All of this lesson made itself apparent to me in a flash this weekend during my retreat. Surely you have read (scroll down) the other lessons I learned and posted in the last two days of this Buddhist’s waterfall of wonderment and wisdom.

I was planning on closing this post with my conclusion that it is the Democrat’s failure to see this solution that has made them accessories to this crime and exposed them as the toothless and irrelevant opposition party that they truly are.

I still stand by that conclusion, WITH THE FOLLOWING BRAND NEW EXCEPTION…

And it just goes to show you that this Angry Buddhist is still learning and still rejoicing in discovering things he did not know or believe before.

Senator Russ Feingold, Democratic Senator from Wisconsin and emerging hero to me and many others, clearly engaged in an Angry Buddhist Mind Meld this weekend and the result was today’s Salon interview that finds exactly the very same solution. You must read this interview.
Thanks to RobertInWisconsin on the site for calling my attention to it this morning.

Then marvel, as I do, at the wisdom of The Angry Buddhist in coming to the same conclusion without the resources of the United State Senate or a college education…

The Real Battle For America’s Soul: Primitives Vs. Progressives

Your Angry Buddhist has spent some serious time meditating on the future of America and I have come back from the mountain top to share the clear vision that made itself apparent to me.

As you grok my revelation, its obvious wisdom and clarity will make undeniable sense to you.

Do not let my brilliance anger or intimidate you. Instead enjoy the cloud parting view that now awaits you.

The struggle, gentle followers, is not between Democrats and Republicans. It is not conservatives verses liberals. It is not about the right against the left.

No, it’s far more basic than that, much closer to the DNA, more genetic if you will.

The truth which revealed itself to me, and now through me to you, is that the battle pits the Primitives verses the Progressives.

Primitives operate on a fear-based paradigm. The believe in violence and war as solutions – especially to war and violence. They are always willing to fight for what is theirs.

Primitives are greedy and rabid consumers. They believe there is no such thing as too much money or too much luxury – for themselves. They worry not about the impact of their lives or luxuries on others and are never reluctant to consider anything they own disposable. Thus, what is theirs encompasses a wide treasure, all of which they are willing to fight for.

Primitives feel very good about themselves and what they’ve earned in life and are strong supporters of property rights. The also tend to be selfish about sharing their property. “To each his own,” they think, “but keep your hands off my stuff.”

Primitives are proudly arrogant, a characteristic they feel a virtue. They take great pride in having never made any mistakes. They anger quickly when their perfection is called into question.

Primitives are exclusive and highly clannish. They are fiercely loyal. They always support the troops so long as another primitive is in charge of the troops.

Primitives value principle over honesty and do not let the facts get in the way of their strong opinions. Simple, inarguable declarations are their answers to many questions.

Primitives practice religious rituals and relationships that assure them they will go to a heaven after death that is only available to them and their like minded clan.

Progressives operate on a hope-based philosophy. Progressives believe in a brighter future, solving problems and righting wrongs. They are always willing to fight for the rights of others - sometimes at their own expense.

Progressives are open-minded and willing to change their minds when new facts come to light or new knowledge is gained. They take pride in learning and growing. They see no shame in admitting mistakes.

Progressives believe in the greater good. They are willing to self sacrifice and delay gratification while others get a chance to catch up. They believe in the long run they will be better off if the worst among us is better off.

Progressives are generous and believe in sharing the wealth. They may not worship Jesus as their holy savior but they believe what he had to say about the poor and the homeless.

Progressives believe in negotiation and compromise as a means of solving problems. But they will not negotiate or compromise their core values. They employ empathy to put themselves in their opponents shoes to try and understand what the other side feels and how they view things.

Progressives admit that they have no idea what happens to people after they die.

Primitives are driven to breed because their instincts tell them they must maintain a massive numbers advantage over the Progressives to survive. They have successfully used that population power – along with violence and war - to stay in power everywhere they exist. Thus the Primitives have always outnumbered the Progressives.
Knowing all this now, it is obvious who is who among America’s leaders.

One final irony.
Primitives are incapable of recognizing their own primal status. Progressives instantly recognize their description when presented with it.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Drunk With Power

Karl Rove’s plan didn’t work and I can’t help but feel that had something to do with his being distracted and all. You know what I mean. By his work heading up the Katrina relief efforts. Don’t think they’ve hung the
“Mission Accomplished” banner on that one just yet.

So that would explain the one hit wonder thinking that went into the decision to plant a story in the National Enquirer that tried to blame all of the President’s fuck ups on the disease of alcoholism. That bird just wouldn’t fly despite the excellent writing:



Faced with the biggest crisis of his political life, President Bush has hit the bottle again, The National Enquirer can reveal. Bush, who said he quit drinking the morning after his 40th birthday, has started boozing amid the Katrina catastrophe. Family sources have told how the 59-year-old president was caught by First Lady Laura downing a shot of booze at their family ranch in Crawford, Texas, when he learned of the hurricane disaster. His worried wife yelled at him: "Stop, George."

You've got to give Rove credit for the germ of his idea. There are millions and millions of drunks all across America and most of them have done incredibly stupid things every time they drink. Perhaps you've seen them.

Back in the day, while America's mind was till on vacation they might have bought this whole tactic and Rove's followup campaign where George spends a weekend at the Betty Ford clinic and his post rehab visit to Oprah.

But The Angry Buddhist says that dog won't hunt now because Boy George screwed the pooch.

Which is too bad, since the last 6 years sure have seemed like like one long headbanging hangover. Now the whole country has cottonmouth and there's no water in sight.

Beware The Wounded Beast

The beast is wounded.

He is staggering, spewing blood, guts and bile as he rampages on violently lashing out in pain and irrational destruction.

This of course is when big game hunters will tell you that the animal is at its most dangerous. Seeing its own imminent death flash before its very eyes, the beast acts with no sense of holding anything back or any lines that it will not cross now.

The beast has taken shot after shot, its hide now pock-marked with the ammunition used against it -

The invasion and occupation of Iraq failing miserably at every level – Bam!

Super wealthy Bill Frist getting richer through insider trading – Pow!

Sneaky and shifty Tom Delay getting indicted for being the crook he’s always been – Slam!

The Government on Vacation response to Katrina! - Snap!

Biggest deficit in history but still not big enough to stop tax breaks for Richie Rich’s club – Ka-Boom!

Cronie baloney no bid contracts and record oil company profits– Smack!

Architect of entire success and closest long term aid/hatchet man about to be indicted for treasonous crimes – Ba-Bang!

Former followers left the ranch, criticizing and freelancing – Crash!

Record low poll ratings – Smash!
You would think the beast would already be dead after such a potent fusillade, but you would be wrong. The Angry Buddhist says you underestimate the beast at your own peril.

The more evil the beast, the harder it is to kill. The more damage it wrecks on its way down.

That is why the Angry Buddhist says only a fool or a coward would smile in self satisfaction at the beast’s burden and remain still and silent.

Now is the time to attack the beast and not just attack, but pour it on until the beast is finished off. Never underestimate the beast’s determination to destroy and tear asunder. It is all the beast knows and it is all the beast lives for.

The beast is wounded and he still stalks the countryside.

Beware the wounded beast until the beast lives no more.

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