IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Iraq Tells Media To Toe The Line - L.A. TIMES

Friday, November 12, 2004

Iraq Tells Media To Toe The Line - L.A. TIMES

BAGHDAD — Iraq's media regulator warned news organizations Thursday to stick to the government line on the U.S.-led offensive in Fallouja or face legal action...
First the Baghdad Times then the New York Times.

This edict could not have been more in line with Geroge Bush's media agenda. It's exactly the same policy that Fox News follows. No surprise from a guy who considers newspapers evil spreaders of terrorist propagnada.

And it won't bother folks in the red states or conservatives anywhere in the USA. Because they have no respect or love for freedom of the press.

Exactly what you'd expect from religous zealots whose faith is unquestionable because they never ask any questions about it.

One of the most basic rules of all Christian religions is - NO QUESTIONS. Accept whatever the authority figure tells you and do not show a lack of faith by having a query. The god Christians worship gave them all the answers they need in the bible.

But The Angry Buddhist says that their god has real ego problems and needs to be constantly reassured that he is the one and only true god and that no other gods come before him. His ego requires worshipping with a constant reinforcement of his greatness. It's very important to this god that you know who butters your bread.

Asking questions? Poking around the details of a story? Drilling down for the facts?

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