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Friday, August 12, 2005

No I Do Not Support The Troops

The "war" isn't going well in Iraq. Bush's numbers are dangerously down and Cindy Sheehan, that mom of the dead soldier, is still camped out down the road from Bush's shack in his vacation wonderland, Crawford, Texas.

But you can't tell it from all the yellow ribbons pasted on the back of cars from coast to coast. Everyone wants you to know that they "Support The Troops." It's patriotic don't you know...

I've heard many people say, it's okay not to support the war, and yeah, maybe we did go into Iraq for dubious purposes, but heck, now that we're there you've got to support the troops and admire and respect them since they have such a tough job to do. And they are, after all, putting their lives on the line for the dream of freedom. Iraqi freedom. Oh yeah.

And oh, right. We DO have to fight them over there, before we have to fight them over here.

To which I say, what a total crock of horseshit. Sorry, I'm not one of the sheep who is swallowing that phony tug of the red white and bule heartstrings. Only a fool feels comforted by lies.

When a war is wrong it's wrong. When it was launched on behalf of a lie it's even more wrong. When tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens- many more times than the numbers of innocent people killed on 9-11 - are killed in what our government calls "unfortunate mistakes, collateral damage or the results of insurgants using residential neighborhoods as battle grounds." Then it's worse than wrong it's primitive and evil. You can package it in some other way that makes it more palitible for you, but you're just putting whip cream on dirt.

If you're following the head-up-its-ass logic, the very people our soldiers are risking their lives to bring freedom to, are being killed every day because our people are there. The dictator we invaded their country to overthrow is in a maximum security jail reduced to being the tabloid coverboy in his underpants, but the liberated people are worse off than they were before. Their country is a total mess, it's going to fall to pieces whenever it is that we do leave, and it's already been turned into the world's greatest live fire terrorist training facility. Whose plan was that part of?

And the fact is, the Iraqi people were never calling for either freedom or democracy. And if they had been, then they could have taken their legitimarte place in line behind all the other oppressed citizens of countries with nut case dictators who we once funded and should do something about when we get the chance.

There is nothing but falsehoods, propaganda and herculean spin coming from the White House. And that's at their most open and honest. It's all they know how to do. It worked so well after 9-11 and in the last election it's no wonder they don't change their script. It hasn't failed them yet. But this time it will because they can't fix this with more tax cuts. Sure the war is perfect for profits for their pals, but if they can't sell the "USA All The Way" rally round the flag shit, they won't have the cover to rake in the back door dough that war is famous for.

But while they may understand how gullible and easy to con Americans are, and exactly what buttons to press to make that happen, it's clear they don't have a Homer Simpson's clue what makes the Middle East tick or how to deal with the terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers on 9-11.

We didn't send enough troops to do the job in Afghanistan and we didn't have the balls or the courage to do what had to be done in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the two REAL sources of the terrorists out to kill Americans, not Iraq. No wonder Osama's favorite t-shirt says "Wanted Dead or Alive" and he wears it wherever the fuck he wants to.

The fact that America is cool with that, that Americans don't make any connection to having oil men running the country and having oil cost a new all time high every day tells you all you need to know about how perceptive they are. And how intelligent the citizens are about judging the facts against the fiction being foisted upon them by the real self interest group Bush and company.

So the fact that the average American feels this emotional bond with our boys fighting for freedom overseas doesn't matter a rat's ass to me.

The troops are fighting an unjust war in a country they have no business occupying. They were wrong to invade and do the damage they did and they're wrong to still be there. What part of that is hard for anyone to understand?

If you support the troops, every one of whom volunteered to be in the military or national guard, then you are supporting their use right or wrong. Where do you draw the line? How many excuses are you willing to make? How many times can you stomach looking the other way?

Aren't we supposed to have a higher standard than that? Damn right we are. And if you don't then you're not really the quality patriotic American you think you are.

If a President with a special interest agenda, as this President has with corporate America and his Saudi OPEC oil kings, wants to use our military for reasons that violate our true values and morals, then supporting the troops is wrong and merely empowering a far greater wrong.

It's only when people stop supporting the troops and start supporting the truth that the troops' best interests finally will be served.

If you support the troops knowing what we know now, then you are giving your thumbs up to attacking and going to war with a country:

Supporting the troops today means you support being lied to and played for a chump. A patsy. A clueless mark.

You proababy think a Nigerian really is going to put millions of dollars into your bank account if you just give him the number.

We look back at World War II and we wonder why the average German or Japanese citizen didn't see what was really going on and stop believing their governments. Why didn't they do something when they still could?

The reason is that they were brainwashed and spun to support the troops. They supported the troops. Right up until the moment when they buried them.

Supporting the troops today is like pouring a drunk another drink before putting him behind the wheel of a school bus. A school bus with your own kids in it.

Run that up your flag pole and salute it.

Good one! I dare say that its a strategy relied upon by the elite.

Just wanted to add the following.

1. Use the troops to effect whatever agenda suits the elite's interests despite popular reservations.

2. Rely on the personal and patriotic ties between the people and the troops to garner support despite their reservations.

3. Wait for loss of lives on both the home front or/and in the country of occupation in order to recontextualise the war in these subsequent miseries.

But prior to all of the above, playing the role of agent provocateur in the global scene which in turn transforms placardists (those who air their grievances via placards. also indicates psychological state and the citizen's stage of evolution in the global socio-economic status quo.) to 'terrorists' which provides the basis for aggression.

p.s. btw, 'angry buddhist'...quite the oxymoron isn't it?
mr joe--

you rock, o my brother!
once again, you have proven your intellectual prowess -- as if any of us needed to have it re=demonstrated!! i love the angry buddhist because it's so clearly not pulling any punches.... rock on, mr joe, you former funtones of major anti-bushness!! (you were my favorite funtone, by the way, and i was ONE of the funtones!!!!!!!!0

love and kisess,

guess who
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