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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bush Joins In Blame Game, Points Finger...

at himself!

Yes, that's right, gentle followers, thanks to the pressure your Angry Buddhist has brought and the power of all of us chanting our mantra,
"Go Fuck Yourself, Dick Cheney, ummmmmm"

President Bush today - after declaring yesterday that he can do more than two things at once - is both doing the hard work of hurricane recovery photo op posing AND assessing the situation and deciding that:

"To the extent that the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility."

The question the Angry Buddhist wants the answer to is - Does this apply across the board?
How's about Iraq?

How's about bringing Osama to justice?

How's about the budget deficit?

How's about the environment?

How's about education?

How's about Homeland Security?

What about the people living in poverty in America?

What about making the richest 1% of America the focus of most of your time, energy and decisions?

What about using Jesus Christ as a phony mask you use to cover up your actions which generally oppose every single one of his teachings?

What about turning our energy policy over to your cronies and benefactors in the oil industry?

The answer is - No Fucking Way.

There's only one reason why for the first time in his entire adult life, George WMD Bush accepted responsibility for anything - because his numbers are in the shitter and Karl Rove told him to do it.

He'd say anything at this point to stop the bleeding, but it won't matter because the President isn't just bleeding, he's got himself a flesh eating virus and you can expect him to get more and more desperate as his time and popularity run out.

But don't watch his organ grinders monkey act for the cameras, watch what's going on behind the scenes. Follow the money. Follow the fuck ups. Follow the actions of cronies in all the departments of our government where they have been embedded.

This blatant and completely disingenuous political play won't fool anyone above the simpleton level, which means about 1/2 of America.

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest rich, privileged white guy currently being questioned in advance of his lifetime achievement reward of Supreme Court judgeship.

Imagine how much hope for the future that gives any of our fellow Americans who aren't rich, aren't privileged and aren't white. Does anything about this whitey-white lawyer married to another lawyer give you a good feeling about what's coming down the road in the Supreme Court.

You want to talk about judgment? What the fuck is this 50 year old dude doing with two little kids? Most people his age with children are watching them graduate from high school or enter their next year of college.

A guy like this with a 4 year old and a 6 year old, who has an all encompassing career that envelopes his entire life, married to another very high profile lawyer CANNOT spend the amount of time with his kids to make sure they grow up right.

Someone else is raising this rich, privileged white guy's kids. Some nanny.

So I publicly question his family values. I can't help but think those lilly white kids who are dressed like some kind of ads for blue blood boarding school fashions are merely career accessories. I think it's all about the photo op where you get to see the kids. People that really care about being parents have their kids when they have the time and energy for them, and have at least one parent with enough available time to actually be part of their children's lives.

But not ruling class creeps like John Roberts or George Bush. And I believe we've already seen the lethal damage bad genes and bad parenting can bring with the current President as the case study.

We're getting close to Karl Rove goes to jail time, aren't we? Who will take responsibility for that? You know, by pardoning him. The Angry Buddhist says those papers are already on file and ready to be signed by Mr. Hard Work himself.

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