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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Angry Buddhist Solves The Iraq Quagmire

Your Angry Buddhist has seen the future and he likes what he sees.

My recent meditation retreat presented me with a high definition vision of that which will be happening beyond today's scene. The clarity was remarkable.

Your Angry Buddhist sees federal indictments of senior White House officials coming very soon.

He sees the discrediting of the Bush doctrine continuing and he sees the country ready for the solution to the Iraq quagmire.

The solution of course is to tell the truth.

The truth is that the war was a mistake. We were wrong to invade Iraq and occupy it.

The solution consists of admitting the mistake, apologizing for the mistake and then correcting the mistake.

How do we correct the mistake?

We remove our troops from Iraq and we repair the damage we caused.

And yes, it is just that simple.

The idea, as offered by the Bush administration, that we can’t just “cut and run” and that we have to “stay the course” makes no sense at all – especially as the rationale offered by the people responsible for making this mistake. The people whose failed judgments and untruths have now been exposed and who have proved they cannot be trusted.

If the police staged a raid on the wrong address would they refuse to leave once they found they were wrong? No they wouldn’t, even if the occupant was someone they didn’t like and wished they had evidence on.

“Staying the course” only makes sense when you are on the right course.

In fact, only those who take America down the wrong path ever urge us to “Stay the course.” When the course is the correct one, Americans need no direction to stay on it.

The Angry Buddhist will tell you exactly what we should do now:
We should tell the world that George Bush used false intelligence to illegally invade Iraq and convince the American people that Iraq was somehow connected to 9-11.

We should tell the world we now all know he was not telling the truth and that we were wrong to invade Iraq and kill so many thousands of their innocent citizens.

We should admit that we are responsible for the insurgency that has arisen and the terrorists that now call Iraq home. We should announce that we understand that it is our presence there that threatens the future of Iraq and its people.

We should announce our agreement with the United Nations to supply a mostly Arab led military force to provide law and order in Iraq in our absence.

Then we should do what we should have done after 9-11 and that is get back on the trail of the terrorist network that attacked us and bring Osama Bin Laden to justice.

The failure to admit this mistake and correct it can only lead to more dead Americans, more dead Iraqis and a strengthening of the rationale terrorists use to successfully recruit a growing number of others to hate and attack Americans wherever they may be.

Only the least enlightened and simplest of minds believe that admitting and correcting serious mistakes is a sign of weakness or the wrong course to follow.

All of this lesson made itself apparent to me in a flash this weekend during my retreat. Surely you have read (scroll down) the other lessons I learned and posted in the last two days of this Buddhist’s waterfall of wonderment and wisdom.

I was planning on closing this post with my conclusion that it is the Democrat’s failure to see this solution that has made them accessories to this crime and exposed them as the toothless and irrelevant opposition party that they truly are.

I still stand by that conclusion, WITH THE FOLLOWING BRAND NEW EXCEPTION…

And it just goes to show you that this Angry Buddhist is still learning and still rejoicing in discovering things he did not know or believe before.

Senator Russ Feingold, Democratic Senator from Wisconsin and emerging hero to me and many others, clearly engaged in an Angry Buddhist Mind Meld this weekend and the result was today’s Salon interview that finds exactly the very same solution. You must read this interview.
Thanks to RobertInWisconsin on the site for calling my attention to it this morning.

Then marvel, as I do, at the wisdom of The Angry Buddhist in coming to the same conclusion without the resources of the United State Senate or a college education…

"staying the course only when your on the right course" ---I love that! You are absolutely right Angry Buddhist..logic like that is why I return to your blog day after day! So good to see intelligent & like minded people out in the blogosphere!
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