IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Beware The Wounded Beast

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Beware The Wounded Beast

The beast is wounded.

He is staggering, spewing blood, guts and bile as he rampages on violently lashing out in pain and irrational destruction.

This of course is when big game hunters will tell you that the animal is at its most dangerous. Seeing its own imminent death flash before its very eyes, the beast acts with no sense of holding anything back or any lines that it will not cross now.

The beast has taken shot after shot, its hide now pock-marked with the ammunition used against it -

The invasion and occupation of Iraq failing miserably at every level – Bam!

Super wealthy Bill Frist getting richer through insider trading – Pow!

Sneaky and shifty Tom Delay getting indicted for being the crook he’s always been – Slam!

The Government on Vacation response to Katrina! - Snap!

Biggest deficit in history but still not big enough to stop tax breaks for Richie Rich’s club – Ka-Boom!

Cronie baloney no bid contracts and record oil company profits– Smack!

Architect of entire success and closest long term aid/hatchet man about to be indicted for treasonous crimes – Ba-Bang!

Former followers left the ranch, criticizing and freelancing – Crash!

Record low poll ratings – Smash!
You would think the beast would already be dead after such a potent fusillade, but you would be wrong. The Angry Buddhist says you underestimate the beast at your own peril.

The more evil the beast, the harder it is to kill. The more damage it wrecks on its way down.

That is why the Angry Buddhist says only a fool or a coward would smile in self satisfaction at the beast’s burden and remain still and silent.

Now is the time to attack the beast and not just attack, but pour it on until the beast is finished off. Never underestimate the beast’s determination to destroy and tear asunder. It is all the beast knows and it is all the beast lives for.

The beast is wounded and he still stalks the countryside.

Beware the wounded beast until the beast lives no more.

The GOP dying? Look at the DNC. Everything they say is racist, prejudice, and socialistic.

Why do Republicans keep winning? Because you keep talking!
Thank you for proving exactly what I am writing about. You are a dead man walking and yet you do not sense your own demise.

Study this model, gentle followers and learn from its defiant ignorance.

What an ass the poster makes of himself by assuming we are praising the "DNC" with our teachings on the the evil beast's wounded vengence.

Let us all wonder at the wasteland he calls winning and feel so justifiably morally superior.

By the way, we weren't "talking." We were shouting. Take those iPod earplugs out and listen up. Hear that? It's your ride home, you're done now.
Round one goes to The Angry Buddhist! Sorry anonymous, too ashamed to leave your name, eh? The GOP is on it's death bed....2008 is OURS! Better start "praying"!!
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