IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Feds Capture & Indict Radical Terror Cell’s Key Lieutenant

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Feds Capture & Indict Radical Terror Cell’s Key Lieutenant

America’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Now in G-Man’s Crosshairs

America’s war on terror scored a major victory yesterday with the indictment of a key member of the terrorist’s upper echelon command.

Experts say it is now only a matter of time before the entire organization is toppled and its leaders arrested and jailed. Hoods and dog collars are being made ready.

Your Angry Buddhist has learned that the titular leader of the cell that has relentlessly and ruthlessly attacked the USA’s greatest assets, and paralyzed our citizens with the fear and panic that are the hallmarks of terror, is now the target of federal prosecutors who are closing in for the kill.

With the first of the evil terrorist henchmen caught and indicted yesterday in Washington DC, the Angry Buddhist’s inside-the-beltway sources now reveal that this will be just the first domino to fall. Expect the others to fold like a cheap umbrella over the coming weeks and months.

This evil doer was the best friend and right hand man to the #2 leader of the terrorists – apparently #2 in name only, as many believe he runs the entire illegal operation. The indicted terrorist also worked directly for the #1 terrorist leader as one of his most trusted associates.

So, we done hooked us a big fish. Hoo-ya!

Now while others advocate Abu Gharib torture tactics to break the captured terror officer’s sprit and get him to spill his guts about the next attacks his cohorts have in store for our nation, your Angry Buddhist thinks Scooter “I Just Forgot” Libby should be protected by the Geneva Convention. This is war after all and he is definitely an enemy combatant. So I personally would be against hooking up his tiny little balls to electrodes and pumping some AC/DC through them. Some Areosmith maybe, but AC/DC? Never!

While terrorist sympathizers and strident supporters in sleeper cells embedded across America acted relieved and began their campaign to diminish the significance of this blow against their organization, your Angry Buddhist has learned that the exact opposite is true.

Karl Rove escaped indictment only by the hair of his smooth-as-a baby’s-behind chinny-chin-chin yesterday, but his neck is already in the noose and he’s going down like a chubby beret-head on a budget-balancing President.

You just can’t pass the sniff test with the old “I forgot to remember correctly” defense when you’re absofuckinglutely famous for having a mind like an elephant and never forgetting anything, especially a slight or lack of loyalty to the terrorist cause.

Karl lied and obstructed justice too, in order to cover-up the slime and smear job he and his crew were conducting against Joe Wilson, patriotic American who tried to blow the whistle on the terrorist activities. But that next indictment is still just the bit of this off shore well’s drilling platform.

The Angry Buddhist prophesizes that the Libby trial is going to blow the cover of “I’m-the” Dick Cheney, and with it the truth behind his terror cell’s preemptive infiltration of our government and their campaign to destroy America and what it stands for.

Perhaps the most clever and insidious part of their so far successful operation was the cover story of the “outside” terrorist threat that was claimed to be so scary and dangerous that fighting it overrode all other considerations, laws and values.

The successful “9-11 Changed Everything” terror campaign was brilliant in its hypnotic effectiveness and misdirection. A nationwide frenzy of fear and loathing was whipped up over the 2,752 deaths in New York, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon that day.

Under the cover of the hysteria terrorists infiltrated every nook and cranny of the government. And they immediately began their reign of destruction over the economy, over the quality of the air we breath, the water we drink, the roads we travel and the very lives we live.

Little did anyone realize those deaths would pale in comparison with the tens and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children killed and maimed and the over 2000 young American volunteer military men and women killed in a war that 9-11 made convenient.

The sheer brilliance of “We’ve got to fight them over there in order to keep from having to fight them over here” is that it misdirects the public’s attention overseas to the Wag the Dog war, instead of over here where the real shock and awe is taking place.

Because the war is really just a decoy and only a small part of the secret terror plot against the USA.

Having successfully engaged in regime change through force and subterfuge, they strong-armed their way first to the Presidency in 2000 and then the leaderships of Congress and the Senate.

Clearly their clandestine scheme was designed to defile and discredit the American values of honesty, fair play, justice and democracy. They literally wanted to take a giant dump on our shining city on the hill and make it stinking grotesqueries of ugliness for others to look askance at.

In the most twisted bit of irony, these terrorists went about replacing our previous noble American ideals with the very way of life we fought the cold war to prevent.

PHONY COMMUNIST VALUES – you know, where the oligarchy pretends everything’s even-Steven but instead the game is really rigged for the poor suckers at the bottom to do all the work so the big shots at the top can reap all the rewards…

Phony Commie Values - like attacking and invading other countries just because you want to impose your way of life and type of government on them.

Phony Commie Values – like changing the laws to give the government all kinds of Big Brother powers to keep the people in line.

Phony Commie Values – like making sure pesky reporters don’t tell the truth about wars and turn the people against them like in Vietnam.

Phony Commie Values – like trying to take over the Supreme Court with unqualified toady cronies who will just rule the way the party wants them to.

Phony Commie Values – like having no real opposition party and attacking and destroying anyone who tries to act in opposition.

Phony Commie Values – like the kind that get exposed when there’s a natural disaster like Chernobyl or Katrina…

Phony Commie Values – like when on Friday, on a straight party-line vote, the Republican-run US House of Representatives committee voted to cut food stamps by $844 million on Friday, just hours after a new government report showed more Americans are struggling to put food on the table.

What a sad legacy to good old Ronald Reagan, that the President who claims to be carrying his torch is really nothing more than a traitorous terror leader masquerading as an American.

But fortunately – like with all evil criminal enterprises, all is not going according to plan.

The terrorists, drunk with power, have become their own worst enemies. The Angry Buddhist says they have jumped the shark and they are now beyond sloppy drunk. They’re at the falling down in the gutter and peeing their own pants stage.

What more could you ask for come the holiday season?

Only in recent months have the terrorists slipped and allowed themselves to be openly identified through corruption and misdeeds so blatant that even their sophisticated marketing and sales machines could not overcome the damage they did. Even their infiltration of the main stream media could not keep the truth bottled up and hidden away.

Thus we see terrorist DeLay exposed, booked and fingerprinted.

And then Frist’s criminal cover is blown and Dr. Moneybags lies and greedy deeds to make himself richer is made public.

Suddenly the people are not drinking the Kool Aid any more and the Potemkin Village is being blown over by the winds of angry change.

And so that brings us back to Osama Bin Libby. Karl Yasser Arafat Rove, the Mullah Cheney and Ayatollah Bush himself.

Now that we know who the real terrorists are it should be real easy to tell the truth from the propaganda designed to fool us.

If you’re ever in doubt just tune into the today’s Tokyo Rose, the American Al Jazeera Network, Fox News. They’re the terrorist’s mouthpiece and they stand for the same goals.

Now all we need are Americans strong and powerful enough in number to directly challenge the terror network, stand up to their attacks and overwhelm them with the same Frank Capra values that defeated fascism in the 1940s.

What an amazing post Angry Buddhist!!! Everything was dead-on correct and exactly how I feel about this disaster some call a President in the White House!
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