IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: The Real Battle For America’s Soul: Primitives Vs. Progressives

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Real Battle For America’s Soul: Primitives Vs. Progressives

Your Angry Buddhist has spent some serious time meditating on the future of America and I have come back from the mountain top to share the clear vision that made itself apparent to me.

As you grok my revelation, its obvious wisdom and clarity will make undeniable sense to you.

Do not let my brilliance anger or intimidate you. Instead enjoy the cloud parting view that now awaits you.

The struggle, gentle followers, is not between Democrats and Republicans. It is not conservatives verses liberals. It is not about the right against the left.

No, it’s far more basic than that, much closer to the DNA, more genetic if you will.

The truth which revealed itself to me, and now through me to you, is that the battle pits the Primitives verses the Progressives.

Primitives operate on a fear-based paradigm. The believe in violence and war as solutions – especially to war and violence. They are always willing to fight for what is theirs.

Primitives are greedy and rabid consumers. They believe there is no such thing as too much money or too much luxury – for themselves. They worry not about the impact of their lives or luxuries on others and are never reluctant to consider anything they own disposable. Thus, what is theirs encompasses a wide treasure, all of which they are willing to fight for.

Primitives feel very good about themselves and what they’ve earned in life and are strong supporters of property rights. The also tend to be selfish about sharing their property. “To each his own,” they think, “but keep your hands off my stuff.”

Primitives are proudly arrogant, a characteristic they feel a virtue. They take great pride in having never made any mistakes. They anger quickly when their perfection is called into question.

Primitives are exclusive and highly clannish. They are fiercely loyal. They always support the troops so long as another primitive is in charge of the troops.

Primitives value principle over honesty and do not let the facts get in the way of their strong opinions. Simple, inarguable declarations are their answers to many questions.

Primitives practice religious rituals and relationships that assure them they will go to a heaven after death that is only available to them and their like minded clan.

Progressives operate on a hope-based philosophy. Progressives believe in a brighter future, solving problems and righting wrongs. They are always willing to fight for the rights of others - sometimes at their own expense.

Progressives are open-minded and willing to change their minds when new facts come to light or new knowledge is gained. They take pride in learning and growing. They see no shame in admitting mistakes.

Progressives believe in the greater good. They are willing to self sacrifice and delay gratification while others get a chance to catch up. They believe in the long run they will be better off if the worst among us is better off.

Progressives are generous and believe in sharing the wealth. They may not worship Jesus as their holy savior but they believe what he had to say about the poor and the homeless.

Progressives believe in negotiation and compromise as a means of solving problems. But they will not negotiate or compromise their core values. They employ empathy to put themselves in their opponents shoes to try and understand what the other side feels and how they view things.

Progressives admit that they have no idea what happens to people after they die.

Primitives are driven to breed because their instincts tell them they must maintain a massive numbers advantage over the Progressives to survive. They have successfully used that population power – along with violence and war - to stay in power everywhere they exist. Thus the Primitives have always outnumbered the Progressives.
Knowing all this now, it is obvious who is who among America’s leaders.

One final irony.
Primitives are incapable of recognizing their own primal status. Progressives instantly recognize their description when presented with it.

Excellent insight, perfectly expressed. I'm glad I found your blog.
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