IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Dirty Harry Kicks Frist's Pampered Ass

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dirty Harry Kicks Frist's Pampered Ass

Angry Buddhist Wakes Up Democrats Who Bitch Slap Happless GOP

Dirty Harry Makes My Day

Just hours after I called for the United States Senate to be blown up yesterday, that's exactly what happened.

After trying every other tactic against Bush and failing in the last five years Harry Reid and the Democrats finally woke up to the reality of the evil bastards they are fighting.

Apparently calling Reid a "barking poodle with no teeth" set him off as evidenced by the photo above, which also shows Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin's reaction to my casting them in washed up thesbian dinner theatre roles.

From the looks on their faces I'd say they're now ready to start filming "Goodfellas."

Now it's time for them to stay in character and keep beating the hell out of the Republicans. And I hope they use a baseball bat because that is our American passtime and it would be so fitting based on the President's love for the game.

Your Angry Buddhist says fuck being nonpartisan. The Republicans have demonstrated they will only wreck havoc on all true Americans hold dear if they are allowed to continue their radical rampage.

There can be no appeasement with terrorists and today's Republican terror party has killed more Americans and done more damage to our nation than any group led by Osama Bin Forgotten.

Bring on the filibuster! Bring on the nuclear option. I've already got my duct tape so I am ready, baby! I want to see Frist cry like a coward again. Then I want to see him run for President with Tom Delay as his Dick... Cheney that is.

While Frist is down, bound & we each get a kick?
Puttin' on my steel toe boots as we speak!
It's about time! We really have nothing to lose-but our dignity! So take off the gloves, girls;take off them's gonna get dirty!!
Tempting as it is, Sappho, I think we have to leave this kind of wet work to the professionals...
Ahhh, o.k. :(
Okay... You convinced me. Let's get medieval on their ass. It's time they got a taste.
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