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Monday, November 21, 2005

The Moron Terror

Instead of “The War on Terror” why don’t we just soak all the money printed at the US Mint in jet fuel and include a pack of matches with every hundred in currency? Then let’s just launder it all through every known pyromaniac in the FBI data base.

The results would be just as effective, because the value we’re getting for our money in The War on Terror is zero. It’s less than zero, because the War on Terror creates more terrorists than it will ever kill or capture. Isn’t that always the way?

The very idea of a War on Terror is moronic. No wonder so many Americans embrace it.

There have been terrorists and terror since they started recording history. As soon as the first humans had something worth taking - whether it be material possession or peace of mind - other nasty ass humans tried to scare the shit out of them and take away whatever they wanted from them.

Let’s face it, from the dawn of mankind scumbags have tried to ruin things for the rest of us.

Failures like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld try to leverage the fear factor by saying ridiculous crap like “Never before have evil doers wanted to kill all of us and destroy our very way of life.” Oh really? Bullshit. Sure they have. Who the fuck are you kidding?

Answer - nobody.

Wasn’t the entire freaking Cold War about the commies wanting to enslave us all and do away with our religion and our capitalistic society? Yeah, I think it was.

Didn’t they have thousands of nuclear missiles aimed at every one of our cities and military bases? Weren't we just minutes away from having our entire country and perhaps the entire world destroyed? Or was I just dreaming that stuff when I was ducking and covering my ass in school in the 1960s?

Didn’t the nuclear standoff get pretty heated when Reagan was President in the 1980s or was that too long ago to remember? Probably is for guys who were doing line after line of coke back then, right GW?

I’m sorry, but did I miss something about the power and strength of these terrorists we’re at war with today? Are we at that Mutually Assured Destruction level with them yet? No, I didn’t think so. So let’s stop lying and making believe the threat is worse than it is, just so the morons in charge can get away with murder.

9-11 didn’t change anything. Setting off a nuclear bomb in the United States - now that will change things big time. So will another anthrax attack. You remember the last one, don’t you? You know, the one where they never caught nobody?

Gee what other big attack while Bush was President does that remind you of?

Never got caught... Imagine that. Just like the people responsible for 9-11.

The whole damn world knows one thing for sure, don’t we? We all know that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for 9-11. No wonder the President said he was wanted “dead or alive” and that we would “smoke him out and bring him to justice.” What a crock of shit that was.

It’s too bad our world’s greatest military, with their super smart leaders and most advanced and deadly weapons and equipment let Bin Laden get away when they had him trapped at Tora Bora. Then you know what Bush and Cheney decided do right after that?

CUT AND RUN. That's what they call it, isn't it?

That was their strategy in Afghanistan with Bin Laden still on the loose and the country still wide open for war lords. Cut and run out of the country so the opium trade can keep florishing and the Taliban can escape into the mountains.

When you ship the bulk of your troops and their equipment to another country - one where you know for sure no one responsible for 9-11 is - and leave too few troops behind to do the job you promised to do, well that’s just a world class Cut and Run job, ain’t it? Damn right it is.

That’s what cowards do, though isn’t it? First they cut and run when it’s their time to serve - whether it’s cutting and running as far as five deferments will carry your chubby wide ass while the rest of your generation was getting drafted to Vietnam, or being AWOL from the National Guard at the same time and opting out of the war when you were asked if you would serve.

Almost ironic today for the National Guard guys who are serving hitch after hitch in Iraq while they lose their jobs back home and their families just can’t seem to defer those bills. I guess that’s Dan Rather’s fault too, right?

You’re never going to defeat terror. Why not just declare war on evil itself? How about a war against Satan? When does that one start? Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess if we had already begun that one.

The Moron Terror is the biggest threat we face today, for it is the morons who are destroying our American way of life with every move they make.

Where is Osama?

I think reporters need to ask that question every single day at the White House briefing. I think it needs to be asked every single time the President takes any questions anywhere.

Maybe we should all end every e-mail we send to everyone with "Where's Osama?"

And I think it's time we flood the White House with a post card a day each, from every state in the union. Each one reading simply: “WHERE IS OSAMA?”

That’s one way to turn the tide on the Moron Terror.

Way back in the ‘80s, the United States was lumbered with another intellectually challenged president in the genial guise of a “B” level actor who liked naps. It was Ronald Reagan who first called for a “War on Terrorism.” This was soon after he took office and the country was reeling from the 444-day nightmare of the Iran hostage crisis, which still colors our opinion of that country. The Gipper was elected for three reasons: the hostages, the energy crisis, and anti-soviet jingoism.

Since he couldn’t do anything about the energy crisis, and the hostages were miraculously let free the day after his inauguration, Reagan’s team played up the Ruskie angle. You alluded to the searing Cold War during his term, but even that couldn’t provoke the indiscriminant fear and spending that his White House thrived on, though it tried valiantly. Thus he launched the “War on Terror.” Soon thereafter he found that the people weren’t really very frightened by the whole thing, and they started asking embarrassing questions about where their jobs had gone and why little Johnny couldn’t read. So the administration, which included many of the same people in power today, scrapped that “War” (apparently we won) and found another, the “War on Drugs.” That one resonated with the people much better, and we’ve been fighting it ever since.

Since the scourge of drugs has been eliminated, and our children are safe to enjoy a wild hedonistic abstinence, why should you fear that the simple, uniform, centralized, well-defined structure of terrorism is any harder to beat?

Where is Mr. Bin Laden?

by Micha F. Lindemans

Nereus is the righteous and all-wise "old man of the sea", god of the Mediterranean Sea, son of Gaia and Pontus.

His wife is Doris and she became by him the mother of the fifty Nereids, friendly sea-nymps.

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