IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Never Mind Your Uterus, Watch Your Wallet

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Never Mind Your Uterus, Watch Your Wallet

Here's what the New York Times Said

And here's what the Angry Buddhist has to say...

I am in favor of a woman's right to chose. But abortion isn't an issue that comes up in my life. Especially not since the vascetomy.

But this bastard's boot licking of big business - along with that of John Robert's, the new, oh-so-brilliant Chief Justice (as opposed to Chief InJustice or Chief Freedom) - has me really concerned about how it could effect ME. And that's where the rubber really hits the road ain't it? With spinner rims no less.

Abortion is the red herring, the McGuffin. Republicans want you focused on that so you don't notice them slipping in the guy that will do away with the last of the regulations just before the Bush people turn the whole planet into an uglier, smellier version of Bladerunner.

If the Democrats don't have the balls to Filibuster... why even go any further, gentle readers? You know and I know they don't have those balls. If they didn't have the stones to step up and support John Murtha, they won't have them for this.

I agree A.Buddhist! Hopefully all the current coruption coming out in the White House will give the democrats the extra confidence and push they so desperatly need!
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