IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Time To Go To The Mattresses

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Time To Go To The Mattresses

Rent the apartments, round up the gang from out of town and start boiling the water to cook up some big pots of pasta, because with nomination of Sammy “The Con” Alito from the Jersey/Philly Alito Family it’s time for a fight to the finish. It’s time to snap out of it and either bend over and surrender, or go to the mattresses and kill or be killed.

And if you can’t smell the tomato sauce simmering from here then you’ve had one too many rhinoplasties. This is another stinks-to-high-heaven hit job on behalf of the Republican Regime’s ongoing terror campaign. It is designed to frighten Americans into acquiescence. This is the terrorists' next attempt to steal more of your rights and freedoms.

Bush and his fellow cell members are offering Sammy The Con as his next improvised explosive device under the wheels of justice. You think he’s Taliban when it comes to women’s rights, civil rights and your right to choose? That’s kid stuff compared to what a shameless pimp he is for corporate America.

But Sammy The Con as an IED is also designed for maximum flash bang impact. He is being set off to cause so much noise and attention that the public will be distracted from the quagmire in Iraq, from the Mafia-zation of the White House and from the dismantling of American Democracy and its replacement by the Corporate Monopolcy.

So now it’s put up or shut up time for the professional Democrats in power.

Your Angry Buddhist says don’t get your hopes up. They haven’t shown they have either the courage or the ability to defeat evil – either in their own home or anywhere else in America.

They have failed miserably both in stopping Bush and in voicing a compelling Call to Action against America’s radical religious terrorists and their campaign to destroy everything that is noble or worthy in our country.

Harry Reid is nothing more than a barking poodle with no teeth. Teddy Kennedy? Patrick Lehey? Charles Schumar? John Kerry? Joe Biden? Dick Durbin? They’re like an all star dinner theatre cast of past-their-prime actors who may have the right script, but no longer have the acting chops or charisma to pull it off.

Hillary Clinton? She must have found herself a nice cozy spot in Dick Cheney’s hidden bunker because she is silent and invisible. Hillary is playing the politics of soulless safety. She is staying in the background, keeping her powder dry and saying nothing that she might have to live up to later.

That’s the same worthless stance HRC has taken on Katrina, on the CIA Leak scandal and indictment, on global warming, the price gouging and windfall profits of the oil industry and countless other issues that call for bold, intelligent, courageous and inspiring leadership. But at least she came out against violent video games...

Hillary has been even worse on the Iraq invasion and occupation, strategically staking out her position on the right as a war hawk. Her only problem with Iraq is that we haven’t sent enough troops or spent enough money there yet.

The Angry Buddhist has no use for political animals who are unrelated to anyone outside of business executives, lobbyists, and other professional politicians. What we need now is fighters on behalf of the people. We need warriors who are willing to kill the bad guys. We already know who the real evil doers are.

So bring on the filibuster and let Barbara Boxer lead it because she has more balls, vision and fortitude than every other Senator with the exception of Russ Feingold.

And better yet, come on at us with your nuclear option Senator Frist! Bombs away you lying, thieving, un-American cheater. You’ve got about as much chance of being elected President as Harriet Miers does of being in a MILF video. So by all means get out in front with that and wave your banner so we can see you clearly.

The Angry Buddhist says go ahead and blow up the entire fucking United States Senate because it’s been worth a bucket of warm spit for a long time now. Blow it up, bulldoze the wreckage and lets build something better.

Aww, can't ya throw a little love Harry Reid's way?
Absolutely, Moxiegrrl. Many joyous chants on behalf of Harry The Demander.

I've loved everything he's done today. Who finally found the "on" button with him? Could it be this morning's Angry Buddhist posting that kicked him in the ass? Was it my line about the poodle?

I dug what he did so much I just donated $25 at Howard Dean's request to the Democratic party and I sent Senator Harry the following thank you note:

Dear Senator Reid,
I have been waiting since 9-11 for the Democrats to stand up to the Republicans in the Senate and the Bush Administration in support of the American people and our right to know the truth.

We were clearly lied to in order to fulfill Bush's determination to wage war against Iraq at any cost. I believe we immorally attacked, invaded and now occupy Iraq without just cause.

I believe every American killed in Iraq was a needless death that advanced no good cause and was the direct result of lies and coverups by people like Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George Bush.

Now you must also stand up just as strongly against the nomination of this extremest Alito.

I urge you to filibuster if you have to and use every other legal procedure at your disposal to stop this nomination.

Do not be afraid of any "nuclear" options, let the Republicans show how little they care about anything other than their own power. Give them hell and don't back down, this fight is too important. A right wing extremest court is radioactive anyway.

You'll have my family's support for as long as you continue to show this backbone and continue to fight for the true Frank Capra style American values.

Thanks for the great job today,
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