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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Bust A Cap in Stanley Tookie Williams

Time For Tookie The Terrorist To Die

At this very moment I'm looking at the full page ad in this morning's Los Angeles Times that's headlined, "Don't Silence A Voice For Peace"

What a pantload of pure bullshit. First I laughed my ass off after reading the letter to Governor Schwarzenegger pleading for clemency.

Then I got angry at all the big names lining up as murder accomplices and co-founders of the Crips. A long list of entertainers, politicians and religious professionals all signed the letter claiming that this head gangster "has taken a remarkable journey of redemption."

The Angry Buddhist says, who gives a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut if he has?

He already took a remarkable journey of murder and mayhem and got sentenced to die for his crimes.

What a big surprise that he went the Jesus Saved Me route when his ass was thrown behind bars. I could have written that script for you. Every true coward says he didn't do it while waving the bible at the cameras after he gets caught. Pardon me if I don't genuflect because I'm throwing up.

Having lived in Los Angeles since the rise of the Terrorist Gangs, I'd like to see Stanley Williams die ten times over for the crimes he's done and damage he's caused. Then I'd like to see him become the Devil's #1 bitch in Hell. Then I'd like to see him suffer twice as much as all the people he killed, and all the others who have been terrorized by the Crips and what they wrought.

Tookie has been a much bigger danger to Americans than Saddam ever could hope to be - the war between the Crips and the Bloods is a real war that thousands of people have died in. It wages still but is now country wide with terrorist gang cells in cities all over America and in Latin America.

Here in Los Angeles, there are people who live in the same fear that Iraqis today experience. They know they may be shot and killed for no reason if they leave their house. They know they can't count on the police or even the army to keep them safe if they tell authorities who the criminals are. They have no hope of justice if they are robbed or raped or kidnapped. Gangs hold entire communities hostage and there is no end in sight.

Before Tookie co-created the Crips Terrorist Gang, there were already gangs in L.A., but the level of violence and spread of their control and power went to light speed after the Crips terror cell was born.

Tookies media kit says he "co-found the Crips street gang to protect his family and friends from the many other gangs in South Central Los Angeles."

The Angry Buddhist says he co-founded the Crips to kill people and make money. And Tookie did both. That's what the evidence that convicted him showed. And nothing - not a single iota of new evidence says otherwise.

He robbed people for chump change and then had them kneel on the floor and executed them by blowing their brains out. Now he writes childrens books, so that makes it all okay.

If Tookie was really reformed he would have given police all the details he knew of the inside workings of the Crips, Bloods and other gangs. But he never did. He said he didn't want to snitch. What he really didn't want to do was stop the violence. He could have, but he chose not to.

Tookie chose to punish himself. No one else is to blame.

Now it is karma time.

The world will be a better place with Stanley Tookie Williams dead.

What about the fucking VICTIMS? Haven't heard Snoop or Jamie Foxx mention them!
That's because they can't make any money off the victims.

It's always about the dough ray me.

Clearly I defy description as a bleeding heart liberal, now don't I?

I'm an eye for an eye liberal I am, aye-aye!
Hey Angry Buddhist,

Wow! Don't be shy brother...but then *I* don't live in L.A.- but have lived in Chicago where it could get pretty hairy.
I agree, anyone can waive the Jesus banner when the chips are down and all bets are off the table.
IF he was found without a reasonable doubt guilty of killing innocent people, then he should die. I certainly do not want to support his ass for life in jail.
It might get really interesting if the Governor's plea is accepted (as I think it might), a very good asset for modern-day MK projects, deep in the bowels of the LA underworld...
You KNOW the Angry Buddhist ain't about being shy on any subject AJ. I know NO fear, thus I have been able to see through all of George Costanza Bush's ultra weak bullshit that only the brain dead and chickenshit buy into.

Don't count on Arnold going against the massive public opinion on this. Tookie will be taking the big dirt nap in less than 10 days and I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Too bad all the other Crips and Bloods won't be getting the same injections.
Perhaps it’s due to a geographical connection, but the reaction to Stanley Tookie Williams’ impending execution seems a bit overblown. Those seeking clemency for the newest dead-man-walking seem to think that doing community service from his cell and espousing genuinely enlightened attitudes have somehow absolved him for the heinous acts that he inflicted on others. They have said this very publicly and very loud. This has caused the opponents to the opponents to react with equal vigor, claiming that the soon to be deceased is somehow responsible for tremendous evil beyond the capacity of mere mortals. Though he did terrible things and helped promulgate a vicious culture that still brings despair, Williams is hardly a significant cause of societies’ problems. Alas, neither side understands that people are responsible for what they do as people, and never rise above that meager standing. He will die a man, not an angel, not a devil, just a man.

Tookie may have very well gotten fucked.

Allegedly, the entire trial was based on circumstantial evidence and all of the mother-fuckers who testified against him were facing a ton of felony charges for some real fucked up shit and even some Court of Appeals ruled that those same shady bastards had incentives to lie to receive lesser charges and sentences. Then, there were fingerprints found at both crime scenes but none of them belonged to Williams, shit they even said a bloody boot print was his but neither of the prints have ever been identified. There was also a shotgun shell found that authorities said came from a gun he had purchased but the same gun was found under the bed of two other lowlife’s who not only testified that Tookie confessed to the murders but were being investigated their goddamned selves in a separate murder. That brings us to the “golden” witness in the trial, a white, blue-eyed devil who just happened to be a lifelong felon and coincidentally a paid police informant. After allegedly, being given a file on the case, this joker gave testimony that Tookie also confessed the murders to him and in return received a lesser sentence which included sparing his own life and receiving the possibility of parole. The prosecutor in the case also kicked a bunch of blacks in the jury the fuck off which in turn got Tookie convicted by an almost all-white jury. Ha, so much for a jury of your peers. There was supposively also a ton of racist remarks in the trial by the prosecutor but some big wig court turned down all appeals to look into racism and discrimination in the case.
What a weak ass argument for Tookie our previous poster offers.

Let's start with the fact that you don't know shit. You're just throwing dust in the air to cloud visibility.

"Allegedy" "Might" "May."


If the black community wants to waste what minimal political capital they still have left then it's only further proof of how irrelevant and out of touch they have become.

You think the community is going to riot when they put the needle in this gangster thug's arm?

Fat chance.

And if they do, you think they'll be smart enough to burn and destroy something outside of their own neigborhoods and neighbors?

I don't. I've seen 30 years of black outrage over big subjects like this and they are ultimately impotent.

Look how much better off the Los Angeles black community is after the past riots.
You see how right I was?

There was no chance in hell today's Los Angeles black community was going to riot on behalf of Tookie.

I feel safer and happier now that he's dead.

Let's execute far more gang members in 2006!
Someone did some stupid presentation about This guy in school, i bit my lip and help my thoughts the entire time.

i cant say he desreved to die but to set him free woudl have been bullshit

A murderer can't simply wash the blood from his hands. Changing your outlook on life later can't make up for a life of wrongs. If he trully changed his ways he would have admitted his misdeads and paid for them willingly. Nobody forgave Charles Manson did they.
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