IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: L.A. to President Bush - Thanks For Nothing

Thursday, February 09, 2006

L.A. to President Bush - Thanks For Nothing

Those of us here on the West Coast, some of us who can see the Library Tower in downtown Los Angeles on Santa Ana windswept days like today, know what a big fat nothing President Bush's little show this morning was.

Yeah, you saved us from another 9-11. Sure you did. Right. We believe you.

You'd have to be dumb enough and scared enough to be a Republican in today's America to buy this blatant bullshit.

This is not only an old story, it's a highly dubious story.

First off, check out the "mastermind" behind the whole thing....

Yeah, no wonder Bush and his supporters are peeing in their pants. This John Belushi wanna-be is no doubt far scarier than the entire Soviet Union was.

Or Iran with nukes is.

Or North Korea with nukes is.

Or Pakistan with nukes is.

Or China with nukes and a hell of a lot more is.

After all, this scary son of a bitch had shoe bombers at his disposal.
Shoe bombers, goddamnit!

Genuine Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And he had some kind of diabolical genius plan to both blow up the airplane with a shoe bomb AND fly it into a building at the same time.

Oh yes, I'm buying that story hook, line and sinker.

I'm supposed to believe that on top of making believe Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove aren't both gay men who bash gays and restrict their legal rights for their own party's political gains?

And I'm supposed to believe that at the same time I buy oil men George Bush and Dick Cheney didn't put the interests of America's oil companies ahead of the best interests of the USA? Those record profits at the same time as record prices are just normal, right?

And while I'm choking on that I'm supposed to believe that giving tax breaks to the richest 1% of America while cutting aid to the poor, old and sick is what Jesus would have done if he got to vote on it?

Sorry. We know better now. The President got elected with lies and has governed based on lies since he lied to the contruction workers at ground zero in New York City
when he told them he was going to bring Bin Laden to justice.

Bin Laden is still free to make videos, but meanwhile all the President's friends and big cash donors have all lined their pockets.

So I'm sorry if this three year old fairy tale that the BAD INTELLIGENCE "experts" like to tell each other at the Clueless Saloon neither scares me nor gives me a woody. That dog don't hunt no more.

But I did get aroused later in the day when I learned that Scooter "I'm Not Gay Too" Libby rolled over like the cheese eating rat he is on his own personal Big Pussy in the White House Sopranos - Big Dick Deferment Cheney.

It's only going to get uglier for Dick and Mr. "I Don't Remember Jack Abramoff" Bush after the big fedora gets on the stand.

The Angry Buddhist is smelling the desperate aroma of flop sweat from the Bush Administration and its apologists. This ham handed, half hearted bluff is being called and whatever political capital chips the President had have been swept into the pile in front of my seat.

Now George can go backstage and talk to the other losers at celebrity poker. Just keep him away from the pretzels.

The Buddha was not a socialist. Nor was he a capitalist. The Buddha was not a Democrat. Nor was he a Republican. It’s the middle way, man. I heard one of our teachers say that there is no difference between he who angrily denounces the war and he who angrily supports those things martial. In your anger, do you think you are any different from those you condemn? Do you think there is any difference between Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh. I swear to you, there is none.
The Buddha was not an idiot either. He didn't set him self up as a con man's mark, bend over and grab his ankles and then say, "Enlighten me in the here and now."

While you are hoping for the middle, the far right already blew it up and then classified it for military purposes. There is no middle any more man. Except for those too stoned or too scared to move out of the bombing zone.

Tell the 100,000 dead Iraqis that Michael Moore is the same as Rush Limbaugh.

You're swearing doesn't really mean anything except to you, dude. So it is your pure ego that adds it. Good for you! But it doesn't change the fact that you've confused acquiesence with moderation.

Remember, gentle follower, in all things moderation - including moderation itself.

I say to you, if you're not angry, you're not paying attention or maybe you just don't care enough. That's your choice, it's the wrong choice, but you can make it. But maybe you need a new teacher...

You've turned the Buddha into a bewildered dumb ass, too wrapped up in a theory to see the difference between right and wrong. A Buddha who sits in the "undecided" category on everything offers no insight, wisdom or knowledge.

You're right about one thing the Buddha was not a Republican or a Democrat.

He was a progressive. Just like me, The Angry Buddha
Amen Angry Buddhist!
There no longer is a "middle".
And if seeking refuge is not angered by what is going on in this goverment under his name, he is sadly a sheep like so many Americans who choose to keep their blindfolds on for the sake of 'comfort'.
I'd rather die standing, then live life on my knees like a little bitch!
I'd rather seek knowledge, then wish to know no evil.
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