IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH!! The Angry Buddhist: Osama Kicks Bush's Ass Again

Friday, August 11, 2006

Osama Kicks Bush's Ass Again

American Public Beaten Down Into Subservient Sheep

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave Shuts Up & Does As It's Told

"Do whatever you have to do to me to keep me safe. I will suffer any indignity, follow any ridiculous rule or request, strip naked at the age of 80, let you touch me wherever you want. What can I do? We have to follow the rules for the good of us all."
But the Angry Buddhist says just remember when you're being herded through lines like brain dead cattle at the airport, being prodded by the snotty dregs of the barrel's bottom who make up the TSA screeners and "helpers" that 8 fucking $ billion dollars a month gets pumped into the Iraq Civil War to help fund the development of more terrorists and the further riches of Dick Shooter Cheney and his ironicly lesbian producing ancient sperm cells.

Thank god big bad Saddam is in jail and on trial as our response to 9-11 instead of catching Osama Bin Laden, fighting the Al Queda in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where they actually live, train and breed.

Good thing we didn't spend that $8 billion a month on security at our airports or the ports or the border, because then we wouldn't be able to stimulate the economy through the brilliant method of forcing people to throw away the shit they own "motivating" them to spend their dough replacing it all. As if they themselves and their toiletries were suspect.

And of course the TSA gets the head-up-their-asses award for having everyone throw all their liquids and gels - the very things they're afraid of being mixed into explosives - into big communal tubs. I think that was Laura Bush's idea. She's the brains of the outfit, you know.

Why the fuck didn't the airports or airlines ask people if they were flying round trip and offer them the chance to pick their liquid or gel belongings back up on their return? Why weren't they offered the opportunity to ship their belongings anywhere?

I'll tell you why. Because they don't give a shit about you. They've got you by the balls and you'll do what you're told and you'll smile about it. Americans have been turned into timid, gutless sheep who don't dare complain.

America has been brainwashed and duped into a fear-based reality. They have been dissed and pushed around to the point where they just comply, no questions asked. They think they're saving themselves from death by throwing their own belongings away...

Your opinion doesn't matter anymore anyway, so why bother having one? Keep your complaints to yourself or security will whisk you away and you'll find out who is boss in the new America. Dissent is no longer allowed. No joking either. We're all perps until cleared by the metal detectors.

So congratufuckinglations Osama! You've done it again. All you need do now that Bush has made you so powerful, untouchable and invincible is feint and America flinches en masse like a chicken shit, bendover prison bitch.

You don't even need to hurt anyone anymore to achieve a terrorized America full of cowards, none of who dares stand up and say, "Fuck this!"

Well I'm saying, FUCK THIS!

I am still not afraid and I'm pissed. Pissed at all of you who learned your lessons on fighting back from the French in WWII.

Pissed that the country that gave the world the Greatest Generation, people who stood up to the Nazis and Imperial Japan and then responded with fists of fury today offers up the compliance of cowards.

Pissed that I'm the only one who seems to be pissed.

Today's Americans makes me sick and makes me yearn for men and women with some character and fortitude.

Why bother fighting for "freedom" when it's the first thing the average American is quickest to hand over to whoever demands it?

But at least our citizens are really adept on their cell phones and our kids can watch DVDs in the back seat of the Hummer.

"Why bother fighting for "freedom" when it's the first thing the average American is quickest to hand over to whoever demands it?"

Nicely stated.
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