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Friday, August 11, 2006

Osama Kicks Bush's Ass Again

American Public Beaten Down Into Subservient Sheep

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave Shuts Up & Does As It's Told

"Do whatever you have to do to me to keep me safe. I will suffer any indignity, follow any ridiculous rule or request, strip naked at the age of 80, let you touch me wherever you want. What can I do? We have to follow the rules for the good of us all."
But the Angry Buddhist says just remember when you're being herded through lines like brain dead cattle at the airport, being prodded by the snotty dregs of the barrel's bottom who make up the TSA screeners and "helpers" that 8 fucking $ billion dollars a month gets pumped into the Iraq Civil War to help fund the development of more terrorists and the further riches of Dick Shooter Cheney and his ironicly lesbian producing ancient sperm cells.

Thank god big bad Saddam is in jail and on trial as our response to 9-11 instead of catching Osama Bin Laden, fighting the Al Queda in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where they actually live, train and breed.

Good thing we didn't spend that $8 billion a month on security at our airports or the ports or the border, because then we wouldn't be able to stimulate the economy through the brilliant method of forcing people to throw away the shit they own "motivating" them to spend their dough replacing it all. As if they themselves and their toiletries were suspect.

And of course the TSA gets the head-up-their-asses award for having everyone throw all their liquids and gels - the very things they're afraid of being mixed into explosives - into big communal tubs. I think that was Laura Bush's idea. She's the brains of the outfit, you know.

Why the fuck didn't the airports or airlines ask people if they were flying round trip and offer them the chance to pick their liquid or gel belongings back up on their return? Why weren't they offered the opportunity to ship their belongings anywhere?

I'll tell you why. Because they don't give a shit about you. They've got you by the balls and you'll do what you're told and you'll smile about it. Americans have been turned into timid, gutless sheep who don't dare complain.

America has been brainwashed and duped into a fear-based reality. They have been dissed and pushed around to the point where they just comply, no questions asked. They think they're saving themselves from death by throwing their own belongings away...

Your opinion doesn't matter anymore anyway, so why bother having one? Keep your complaints to yourself or security will whisk you away and you'll find out who is boss in the new America. Dissent is no longer allowed. No joking either. We're all perps until cleared by the metal detectors.

So congratufuckinglations Osama! You've done it again. All you need do now that Bush has made you so powerful, untouchable and invincible is feint and America flinches en masse like a chicken shit, bendover prison bitch.

You don't even need to hurt anyone anymore to achieve a terrorized America full of cowards, none of who dares stand up and say, "Fuck this!"

Well I'm saying, FUCK THIS!

I am still not afraid and I'm pissed. Pissed at all of you who learned your lessons on fighting back from the French in WWII.

Pissed that the country that gave the world the Greatest Generation, people who stood up to the Nazis and Imperial Japan and then responded with fists of fury today offers up the compliance of cowards.

Pissed that I'm the only one who seems to be pissed.

Today's Americans makes me sick and makes me yearn for men and women with some character and fortitude.

Why bother fighting for "freedom" when it's the first thing the average American is quickest to hand over to whoever demands it?

But at least our citizens are really adept on their cell phones and our kids can watch DVDs in the back seat of the Hummer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Was Dick Hunting For Some OPP?

Was Five Deferment Dick Cheney Getting A Little Side Action Out There on the Hunting Ranch In Texas?

Or as one of our favorite bloggers on Huffington Asks:
Was Cheney Hiding His Lewinsky?

Is This Woman, Pamela Pitzer Willeford, the United States Ambassador to both Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Dick Cheney's special hunting buddy?

Yes she is according to this report the electronic media isn't paying much attention to.

"He is just doing great," said Willeford, who visited Whittington Sunday. "As my husband said, he has a twinkle in his eye...It was scary, but fortunately he is going to be just fine. He is anxious to get on home."
If President Clinton had been out "hunting" with two women who weren't his wife and then shot a guy and covered it up I think someone might mention.

I guess the Angry Buddhist just did.

Die Whittington, Die

Shooting Victim Deserves To Die -
To Keep America Free From Next Terror Attack!

His injuries now "A distraction from the war on terror."

Cheney tells Fox News, "Whittington served his purpose, he provided the necessary cover while I did some secret stuff that's none of your fucking business. Now it's time for him to take the big dirt nap and stop making this all about him."

Cheney added,
"I'm sick and tired of the media telling us what's news and what isn't. We have an entire government department in charges of manufacturing news and we don't need a bunch of bigtime assholes digging around for fucking facts."

Karl Rove told the Associated Press,
"If Whittington was any kind of real compassionate conservative he'd just pull his own plug in the hospital and make this a non story. He's causing the Vice President all kinds of unnecessary problems during this unprecedented time of frightful fear and super scary stuff about to happen at any minute any where you might be. This is nothing to joke about."

President Bush had this to say,
"None of us could have forseen the day when Dick Cheney would go hunting. But now is not the time to play the blame game. There will be plenty of time to play the blame game after I have given myself a pardon. Damn it! I'm a war time President and we all shared the same bad intelligence - even back in my school and business days."

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Keep Laughing About Cheney You Suckers

This just in from the New York Times

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 — The federal government is on the verge of one of the biggest giveaways of oil and gas in American history, worth an estimated $7 billion over five years.

It seems perfectly clear to this Angry Buddhist that Cheney's conservative Republican friend agreed to let Deadeye Dick shoot him in the face in order to get the media all lathered up over the McGuffin shotgun story instead of the real stories of raping and pillaging going on by the hands of the Bush administration.

It's a cowardly way to cover up the truth. That's how you know it's Dick Cheney style... Big Time

Cheney Blames Shooting on Saddam

White House Laughing Its Ass Off - "We Don't Have To Tell You People Jack Shit."

Hunting Vests for Everyone!

Cheney Shooting Victim Enjoys Minor Heart Attack "Please Sir, I'd like some more birdshot in my aorta."

Cheney Says War Critics To Feel The Sting of His Shotgun Justice. "We've got the wiretaps, we know who you are!"

"I've Killed Before And I'll Kill Again!"
Screams Angry Vice President before being hauled away in his pajamas.

Cheney said to be holding hostages, making incoherent demands, according to Fox News.

President Bush Yet To Be Told, "This is on a need to know basis," declares Andrew Card.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hunting Buddy Criticizes Veep, Gets Face Full of BuckShot

We all knew it was just a matter of time didn't we?

That this crazy old coot would finally jump the shark and grab a gun...

And then the lies and coverup would begin. It would all be somebody else's fault.

Whether it was booze, or drugs or just the all star hubris the self selected Vice President is famous for, this Lee Harvey Oswald of elected officials apparently also shot a very wascally wabbit.

Cheney's Got A Gun - Music Video

Rumor has it the Vice President flipped when someone brought up Scooter Libby's testimony to the Fitzgerald about the Vice President giving the okay for leaking classified information during "war time." Informed sources indicate to the Angry Buddhist Cheney will be spanked at a special White House ceremony.

Bob Cesca of Huffinton Post reports,
"The above photo shows Vice President Dick Cheney speaking to reporters at the bedside of the man who he "accidentally" shot this weekend while on a hunting trip in Texas (full story).

A spokesman for the vice president identified the shooting victim as Harry Whittington, but sources close to the incident suggest "Harry Whittington" is a Secret Service code name for Cheney's indicted former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby."

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Defeating the Sniveling Cowards Who Have Turned America Into A Nation of Bitches

Playing to people’s fears is as easy as making a baby cry, because you don’t have to deliver anything to keep that fear alive and insidiously eating away at people. All successful dictators and schoolyard bullies employ this tactic.

Playing to people’s hopes is impossible for these kind of motherfuckers because you have to actually deliver on those hopes and that's not within their skill sets or DNA.

You have to actually make something better, improve people's lives, make for a better future to gain the people's continued confidence or loyalty. It’s hard work, damn it. Hard work indeed.

And it is just too goddamn hard for the gang in charge - who I will remind you were headed straight into the one-and-done crapper just nine months after they took office. Many who drank the Kool Aid no longer remember that, since as testing has now proved, the part of their brains that controls self-choice and courage was destroyed (along with their bladder control).

Once we get them all into the re-education camps we'll remind them that up until September 11, 2001 Bush and Company had already proven that the majority of American voters who cast their ballots for Al Gore were right.

Funny how getting caught with their cowboy chaps down, having already fucked up the FBI and American intelligence capabilities, turned out so good for them. And all because they discovered the power of panic.

Until the day they got scared shitless personally that someone was out to kill THEM, and recognizing how strong that emotion was, projected that fear onto every American in every town in every state from the North to the South to the East to the West.

To listen to them not a single citizen in this nation of almost 300 million people was safe. We all had to be ready to be attacked at any second. Damn it man we were at code yellow! No, today it's code Orange! Maybe today's the day we go to Red Alert! God help us all! That's even worse than DefCom 4, isn't it? Worse than mutually assured destruction.

Worse than a ragtag band of dissenters in the 1770s giving the colonial finger to the most powerful government on the face of the planet and telling them they'd fight to the death before they'd bow down to assholes who wanted to curtail their rights and freedom.

The most yellow-bellied, bedwetting cowards to ever hold political office - and I'm including Richard Nixon, LBJ and Joe McCarthy - are George Bush, Dick Cheney and their brotherhood of fellow clucking like chicken, frightened little rabbits who are the best friends and allies Osama Bin Laden could ever have made.

Let me tell you exactly what I would have done as President and what Al Gore would have done as President.

We would have quickly captured Osama Bin Laden and all his key people. We would have put them on public trial and then executed them. At the same time we were doing that we would have sent our special forces and best suited military units to hunt down and kill every single member of Al Qaeda in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia Yemen and everywhere else they existed.

And we wouldn't call that a war, we wouldn't play make believe costume wearing, "war time President," and we wouldn't insult over two centuries of brave Americans who stood up for our country when their time came by making believe that Al Qaeda was some kind of super enemy who we could not defeat or who we should be scared of.

We would have treated 9-11 seriously and made the people who caused it pay such a terrible price that others would think twice before trying anything like that again.

I know Al Gore was capable of it because he had already proved how intelligent he was and how far ahead of the curve he was on global warming and the need for alternative energy. While dickless wonders made fun of him about the Internet and science, Al Gore was remembering the time he spent in Vietnam wearing a military uniform - something most of his Republican contemporaries were too scared and cowardly to do.

But as you know that's not what pussies George Bush and Dick Cheney - both of whom were too gutless and too scared as young American men to fight against the Communists in Viet Nam when they had the chance - did with 9-11. Nope these pantywaists, along with fellow known chickenhawks Tom Delay, Bill Frist, Denny Hassert, George Allen and every single other Republican holding national office set new standards of shameless cowardice. Instead of standing up to the real enemy, they stood on top of the bodies of the 2977 dead Americans and turned into the enemy themselves.

And almost every single Democrat enabled them and rolled over like a happy dog in a field full of feces. And that made them cowards of the same ilk.

You can excuse Russ Feingold, maybe Senator Byrd, Tom Harkin. Maybe a few others... but you cannot excuse the others who still today are cowered and forever paralyzed by the fear that 9-11 instilled in them.

And what has been the result of all these spineless, submissive, lily-livered punks selling out America’s soul so that they might feel safer in their puddles of power?

1. The media has become completely emasculated with the brief exception of the Katrina coverage, which even these pusillanimous pussies couldn't ignore since it was happening to THEM too and for once they told the truth. A media that allows the rules of embedding is worthless. That's what happens when the media is owned by cowardly corporations like Fox News Corp, Time Warner, GE, Viacom and others known for being the models of the lowest common demoninator.

2. The United States education system is to learning what Ford and GM are to cars. Cowardly, mostly burnt out teachers and professors toe the government and Christian line, too afraid to speak out or offer an informed point of view since they start out with contempt for their dumbed down students from the first day of school. They project their own shame over failed dreams into their daily curriculum and churn out the next generation of clone-like sheep. Tell us some more about Intelligent Design professor...Tell us why you hide in the classroom counting the minutes till your pensions?

3. Cowards have tried to turn the word "environmentalist" into a dirty word to cover up their fear that the truth will come out and they will be torn apart, limb by limb, by angry young people who realize they were raped. How weak and afraid do you have to be to hide from the reality of global warming? Are there any bigger sell-outs on the planet than those who champion the oil industry in the 21st century? How big a simpering weakling do you have to be to sell off our forests and protected lands to those who wish to destroy them forever in the name of profit? America may be addicted to oil, but Bush and Cheney are the junkies stealing from your grandmother to pay for their habit.

4. We now suffer under the worst government ever bought and paid for. John McCain pretends to be brave on the issue of campaign reform, but for all the effectiveness he's had, he might have well have stayed a POW because he is MIA when it comes to real guts on this issue. It's all just coward cover for a man who isn't about to do anything except use the issue to raise more money. McCain talks a lot, but he's just as big a coward on changing the corruption that he himself is part of. McCain has sold out to the people he takes bribes from just like every single member of Congress has. A brave person would stand up and say our system is corrupt and to fix it we have to end all campaign contributions and lobby money. Period. But McCain ain't that guy. He's the guy that let Bush kick his ass and then went back for more because he liked it so much. I say he's nothing but a professional victim. Go ahead and argue with me you cowards, while you continue to raise record amounts.

5. Only punks and cowards would treat the poor, the sick, the hungry, the uneducated, and the homeless the way the United States of America does today. The most shameful cowards of all fear that helping those who are worst off among us somehow lessons their own chances of success. The biggest argument against national healthcare is fear.

6. Only a nation of bitch-slapped prison wives would roll over on the laws, constitution and rights this republic was founded on the way the USA today has. The Supreme Court has been turned into a panel of crooked judges on the the take and today's attorney general represents only the coverup of illegal activities and no longer represents the citizens of the United States. Where did he get his model? The Godfather? The work he's doing has to have Osama Bin Laden dancing a jihad jig. Why blow up anything else in America when it's already being done as an inside job? No terrorist could do a better job destroying the American way of life or our values. The patriot act reads like something only our REAL enemies wish on us.

7. How chickenshit do you have to be to still suck on the tit of the oil industry the way Dick and Bush do? Where are the balls that set us on the same path it took to land a man on the moon in less than 10 years?

8. The biggest disgraces in world history misued the military and turned the people in uniform into their own personal vigilantes. Nothing could be more cowardly than to have refused to have served and then send others in uniform to die for your own political and profit benefit. That is exactly what Bush and Cheney have done and those who support them, knowing what the facts are, are even more lowdown and vile than they.

9. Cowards act in secret, they cover up the facts, they spy on anyone and everyone, they spread lies about those who disagree with them and they use the power of religion to foster even more FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. FUD is the most effective marketing techinque used in business when a competitor launces a product that is both better than yours and costs less. The art of FUD was perfected by Hitler's SS, but it was turned into a science by Karl Rove. You remember Karl Rove, don't you? He's the little fucker that sold out a CIA agent because he didn't like her husband telling the truth about our phoney war.

10. The actions of the federal government taken during Katrina, the promises made by the President on national TV and the resulting fuck you given to survivors since shows us exactly what is in the hearts, and on the minds of these fearful rats who have gnawed their way into power. Remember that Karl Rove was put in charge of our national response to Katrina. You remember Karl Rove don't you? Even though he's a gay man, he wants you to think Hillary wouldn't be a good President because of her gender... Maybe she doesn't wear enough leather for his taste.

The time has come for brave men and women to stand up to these quaking int their brokeback cowboy boot cowards, pull their designer pants down in public and expose their shortcomings.

The time has come to overthrow these cowards with a revolution of courage, conviction and citizens in the street. I'm talking about getting rid of this cowardly failed President before he turns the Presidental Seal into a Zacky Farms chicken.

You'll have to be brave, and fearless, because most of the Democratic party won't be at your side, they'll be too busy hiding and waiting for someone else to take on these bedwetting bastards. They'll cluck and argue with you all day long about why you shouldn't take a stand.

But we can do it. We've done it before and we have what it takes to do it again.

If we have to push all you cowardly lions who say "it can't be done," because you know YOU don't have the guts inside you to be part of a better way, then we'll be happy to shove you hard and rough enough for you to fall back onto your couches for the next installment of Bill O'Reilly's Manly Tales of Toe Sucking. Go ahead, have yourself another beer.

All you hand-wringing, mealy mouth, fretters are merely the tampons inside the big pussy currently stinking up the White House. Despite the posted warnings you have attempted to flush yourselves through America's moral plumbing.

No wonder the entire system is now clogged, backed up with grease and hair and spewing raw sewage all over the Oval Office.

It's going to take one brave person to clean up that mess.

I'm not afraid of the job... are you?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

L.A. to President Bush - Thanks For Nothing

Those of us here on the West Coast, some of us who can see the Library Tower in downtown Los Angeles on Santa Ana windswept days like today, know what a big fat nothing President Bush's little show this morning was.

Yeah, you saved us from another 9-11. Sure you did. Right. We believe you.

You'd have to be dumb enough and scared enough to be a Republican in today's America to buy this blatant bullshit.

This is not only an old story, it's a highly dubious story.

First off, check out the "mastermind" behind the whole thing....

Yeah, no wonder Bush and his supporters are peeing in their pants. This John Belushi wanna-be is no doubt far scarier than the entire Soviet Union was.

Or Iran with nukes is.

Or North Korea with nukes is.

Or Pakistan with nukes is.

Or China with nukes and a hell of a lot more is.

After all, this scary son of a bitch had shoe bombers at his disposal.
Shoe bombers, goddamnit!

Genuine Weapons of Mass Destruction.

And he had some kind of diabolical genius plan to both blow up the airplane with a shoe bomb AND fly it into a building at the same time.

Oh yes, I'm buying that story hook, line and sinker.

I'm supposed to believe that on top of making believe Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove aren't both gay men who bash gays and restrict their legal rights for their own party's political gains?

And I'm supposed to believe that at the same time I buy oil men George Bush and Dick Cheney didn't put the interests of America's oil companies ahead of the best interests of the USA? Those record profits at the same time as record prices are just normal, right?

And while I'm choking on that I'm supposed to believe that giving tax breaks to the richest 1% of America while cutting aid to the poor, old and sick is what Jesus would have done if he got to vote on it?

Sorry. We know better now. The President got elected with lies and has governed based on lies since he lied to the contruction workers at ground zero in New York City
when he told them he was going to bring Bin Laden to justice.

Bin Laden is still free to make videos, but meanwhile all the President's friends and big cash donors have all lined their pockets.

So I'm sorry if this three year old fairy tale that the BAD INTELLIGENCE "experts" like to tell each other at the Clueless Saloon neither scares me nor gives me a woody. That dog don't hunt no more.

But I did get aroused later in the day when I learned that Scooter "I'm Not Gay Too" Libby rolled over like the cheese eating rat he is on his own personal Big Pussy in the White House Sopranos - Big Dick Deferment Cheney.

It's only going to get uglier for Dick and Mr. "I Don't Remember Jack Abramoff" Bush after the big fedora gets on the stand.

The Angry Buddhist is smelling the desperate aroma of flop sweat from the Bush Administration and its apologists. This ham handed, half hearted bluff is being called and whatever political capital chips the President had have been swept into the pile in front of my seat.

Now George can go backstage and talk to the other losers at celebrity poker. Just keep him away from the pretzels.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Buddhist is Back... And Boy Is He Pissed

Greetings Many Gentle Followers,

I am back from my spontaneous meditation trek of the last two months and having deep thought my way from low in the valley to the heights of the mountain peak, I have now returned renewed, reinvigorated and re-raging with my anger focused like a digital camera employing advanced stabilization technology.

So much has happened. So little has changed.

I have come with solutions and answers for all those so sorely lacking in both.

Today we offer our teaching to the multitudes of morons who say,
"Go ahead, tap my phones and record my conversations with my mother. What do I care? I have nothing to hide." The Angry Buddhist asks, "Oh really?"

Allow me to give you a half dozen reasons why you care right now:

1. Someone you don't like, don't agree with and do not trust will someday be running the government. Is it okay if they listen in and record all you don't have to hide? You Republicans cool if Hillary is in charge? How about John Kerry?

2. The one thing Democrats and Republicans all agree on is that BAD INTELLIGENCE lead to our guard being down on 9-11 and lead to us invading Iraq looking for WMDs. The same people responsible for that BAD INTELLIGENCE are the ones in charge of catching Osama Bin Laden and the surveillance that's wiretapping people today. Maybe that's why they can't tell us about any success they've ever had. Funny how when we win it's a big secret, no? Still think you have no worries?

3. Fraudulent use of personal data is what Identity Theft is a all about. How'd you like your family secrets, medical problems, love life details, and angry words used in arguments available for sale or blackmail? Why not? You've got nothing to hide, right? Nothing that could be twisted or used out of context. Right? Right...

4. Never mind your personal information, what about business conversations? Have nothing to hide when you're talking shop? What about if you have government contracts you're bidding on? Okay by you if they listen in to your process? What do you care, right?

5. Spies on the inside have compromised secret government programs over and over again, usually for money. How safe do you think the secrets you don't worry about would be? How much would you pay for some of them?

6. Current trends throughout government are to outsource as much work to the private sector as possible. You still cool when the wiretapping is being supervised by Halliburton? Diebold? TRW?

Today's lesson is that the government has no business wiretapping you without a warrant.

The laws don't change during pre-emptive war time. If that made any sense then any President could just start a pre-emptive war any time he wanted to avoid following the rules.

But the much bigger lesson is that the willingness to give up your civil and privacy rights because of 9-11 is a cowardly response that only aids the terrorists.

Only people too frightened to think like American adults would believe the whole world changed after 9-11 because it makes no other sense.

Only someone who wasn't alive during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 would have thought that our oceans made us safe. Certainly none of us ducking and covering in grade school thought the oceans would stop those commie missiles. But maybe really stupid people believe that. Or people who have been scammed.

Only people who forgot the entire cold war with thermonuclear missiles targeted at every major city on the face of the planet thought that oceans made us safe and that 9-11 change everything.

Oh, and Gumby. He always believed that

I'll tell you what changed on Sept 11, 2001. That's the day that fear started ruling the United States of America and when citizens started acting like gutless cowards, fearing for their lives at every moment and allowing our values, laws and the blood our fathers spilled to save the world for freedom to be ignored.

These revelations did not come to your Angry Buddhist without first reading the breakthrough teachings on The Daily Kos which then lead to the great writings of Glenn Greenwald

Al Gore too had words worth much thought:
"It is simply an insult to those who came before us and sacrificed so much on our behalf to imply that we have more to be fearful of than they. Yet they faithfully protected our freedoms and now it is up to us to do the same."
My mediation made clear to me that I am not afraid and I will fight terrorists whether they be Al Queda or members of the United States Government.

Stand back cowards, this Angry Buddhist will get the job done where you are too afraid.

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